Franks’ Fawning Flyer

McHenry County Blog received the below flyer from a friend in Marengo.

As far as I know it was only delivered to residents in Marengo.

I believe it was left in their doors.


Franks’ Fawning Flyer — 33 Comments

  1. Where to begin….

    First of all, county government can’t provide additional “services” unless those are specified by state statute. County government only does certain limited things, which it is already doing, and can’t go beyond that. Also, any additional services would require additional revenues.

    Second, county government has very little to do with property taxes. It only collects the taxes levied by other units of local government and tacks on the 9 or 10 percent that is needed for county functions. There is very little head room left for further tax reductions by the county and the tax break that was done last year cannot be repeated. In fact, taxes will likely go up due to the need to re take the Valley Hi levy to avoid losing that ability.

    Third, the county cannot do any redistricting until 2021, after the new census has been completed. Members who are being elected to four year terms this year will have a vested right in those terms until the 2022 election, at which time all of the seats will be up and there can be new districts. That means there will be two changes in county board membership in between, one in 2018 and one in 2020, and the board that is elected then is not bound by anything that is done now.

    Four, the county has no role in township consolidation or elimination. That has to be done by township boards or the voters who have circulated the appropriate petitions in their townships.

    Five, the county has no control over school districts, which levy up to 70% of the property taxes.

  2. Now Jack is pushing to cut the county board down to 18, and term limits also.
    Jack is more fiscally responsible than most of the local Republicans and people that comment here.

  3. Nob: Term limits cannot be enacted in Illinois absent a constitutional amendment allowing them.

  4. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

    I see Jack found a new manure spreader and must be trying it out in farm country.

  5. Need another Yiddish expert here.

    Is Franks a shande or shanda or would you just go with schmuck?

  6. And all the time, the real truth was there for everyone to see at

    Trouble is that it appears most of McHenry County residents have for whatever reason neglected to read it.

    You get the government you deserve.

  7. Coach Ditka is generally not real fond of Democrats.

    I wonder if he even knew who Jacko was when he posed for that picture.

  8. Well, even Jim Jones had followers. Amazing how so many people are okay with being lied to. Is the “greater good” the justification used to get some sleep at night?

  9. “Well, even Jim Jones had followers…” Our sunshine blogger, on the other hand, has disciples. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  10. Hah! This guy’s a sickening liar. He hasn’t don’t sh!t but turn the county board chairman position into an opportunity to franchise for his own interests. Didn’t cut taxes, is far from hard working, and isn’t transparent!

  11. Meanwhile, more home for sale signs are going up as people are
    fleeing the DEMOCRAT utopia formerly known as “The Land Of Lincoln”.

  12. Well written piece, sensible questionnaire, keep it up Jack!
    How on earth can any Trump fan call anyone a liar?

  13. Yeah keep up the lying. That’s all Franks knows how to do,
    Who paid for this?

  14. What’s this – more Franky panky for the low I.Q. voters to lap up ?

  15. The sign ought to read “Jack Franks -Tax Faker!”

    Franks ‘helped to pass a referendum to eliminate the County Recorders (sic) Office.’

    What did he actually do to help pass it, vote for it? Then he lied to try and stop the one man who saw that referndum through- Joe Tirio!

    What a lying PoS!

  16. Franks, Franks, Franks!

    He’s another pathetic hack, like his minions Aavang and Gottemoler.

  17. Cuddling Ditka.

    What a phony Franks is.

    Another Georgie Soros on a smaller, but fatter scale.

  18. He doesn’t know what ‘humbling’ is yet.

    But he will.

    I’ll fly back to Hellinois for that.

    It’ll be great.

  19. As a trained graphologist (handwriting expert) who has testified as an expert at a large number of federal and state trials, I find Mr. Franks’ signature to be very disturbing.

    Caveat: Signatures are not really prime subjects to determine psychological traits because a signature is so stylized, and provides a very, very small handwriting sample. Yet, a signature is (typically) one of the most carefully executed holographic exemplars of a person’s handwriting.

    Given the above, Franks (if he wasn’t ‘rushed’ into signing this piece) shows several signs of duplicity and falsity, and perhaps some minor neurological motor impairment.

    The ‘tri-level descending signature’ (first name, MI, last name) is THE classic example of treachery or artifice. But in graphic pieces, like this printed flyer, the signature could have been altered by the typographer or graphic designer of the piece to ‘fit’ its allotted space. I’d have to see an original signature to really be sure.

    The wide, but connected line between the “c” and the “k” (Jack) is also a clear and troubling giveaway of self-indulgence and immoderation. This characteristic is confirmed by the repeated spacing between the “n” and “k” (Franks).

    The initial “D” is indicative of high intelligence as is the “F,” yet the “J” is rather childishly signed, and the near obliteration of the “s” is another sign of low to average intelligence — all amounting to an internal discrepancy — a conundrum for me.

    There is also a possibility, I imagine, that Franks didn’t sign the thing at all and someone else did. This does happen when printing or mailing deadlines have to be met, and the graphic designer or some staffer signs for the absent or busy principle.

  20. HahahHhah
    Did you really just try and use handwriting analysis?!
    Maybe we should elect officials based on their astrological sign (ie: nonsagitarious males!!).
    Better yet, numerology.
    No wait! Palm reading – yes – every elected official needs their palm read to see if they will be a good fit!!!

    Oh man. This is better than Flat Earth Cindy.

  21. After lighting seven white candles and asking the Spirit of the Great Deep to reveal to me the hidden knowledge of the NWO, I have divined that Jack Franks is, in fact, a Democrat.

    You are all very welcome for this piece of great knowledge – provided, free, by me: a trained psychic.

  22. Right now Franks is pushing the County Board to weigh in on two ideas which are pure political grandstanding.

    First, there is a “task force” composed of personally selected Board members that is considering solely the question of redistricting the county board districts and reducing the size of the county board.

    However, the current Board, and the board seated in December, can do NOTHING about this as, BY LAW, the districts and size of the board cannot be changed until after the 2020 census results become available for the 2022 election.

    Second, he is trying to schedule a Special Meeting to put a resolution on the ballot for this coming Fall election, in which several Democrats are trying to unseat Republican members, for “term limits.”

    The State Supreme Court slammed the door on that two years ago when Rauner tried to put a referendum on the state ballot for the same thing. YOU CAN’T IMPOSE TERM LIMITS IN ILLINOIS absent a Constitutional Amendment.

    However, if, as a Board Member, you vote against either of these measures you will be negatively labeled.

    So you have two completely illegal measures that Franks is promoting in this election season for the sole purpose of enhancing his own image and maybe that of Democratic candidates.

  23. **The State Supreme Court slammed the door on that two years ago when Rauner tried to put a referendum on the state ballot for the same thing. YOU CAN’T IMPOSE TERM LIMITS IN ILLINOIS absent a Constitutional Amendment.**

    LOL – you do know that what Rauner attempted was to put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot, right? The ILSC did NOT rule that you can’t do term limits because you need a Constitutional Amendment. It ruled that the term limit constitutional amendment did not meet the constitutional requirements for such an amendment. And, that ILSC ruling was specifically about the legislature and not local/municipal/county government.

    But sure, don’t let facts get in the way.

  24. That case came about because you can’t do a constitutional amendment by referendum for term limits as those referenda are limited to items affecting the structure of the General Assembly.

    Pat Quinn tried to do it in the 90’s and was shot down.

    Rauner tried to do an end run around that by tacking on something that ostensibly had to do with the structure of the General Assembly.

    The Court said, “no dice”. You still can’t do a constitutional amendment by referendum for term limits. It has to be put on by the General Assembly or a Constitutional Convention.

    It precisely because term limits are otherwise unavailable that the referenda, by both Quinn and then Rauner, were attempted.

    When the County Board tried to do this for the terms of the County Board Chairman a few years ago, they were told by the States Attorney that it couldn’t be done.

    To reiterate. You can’t impose term limits on public officials in Illinois.


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