Will Casten ask Durbin about townhalls?

A press release from Congressman Roskam’s Office:

DuPage County, IL – During the 2009/2010 debate over Obamacare, the country was about as energized as we’ve ever seen it. All over the nation, townhall meetings were erupting with passionate discourse – many times the charged nature of the townhalls prevented them from being truly effective and served only as media fodder.

Peter Roskam

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin joined several democrats nation-wide in refusing to hold a townhall meeting, opting instead for meeting with constituents in smaller private meetings.

Senator Dick Durbin at NASA Education in Crystal Lake in 2012.

A report filed by Charles Thomas with ABC7 Chicago highlights Senator Durbin’s refusal to hold a townhall meeting saying, “…Durbin cited the recent disorder and vowed not to sponsor any healthcare-related townhall meetings.”

In a series of interviews with CNN, Quad City Times, WIND and the Huffington Post, Senator Durbin called the meetings, “clearly orchestrated,” “not productive,” “not constructive,” and said, “I don’t think that’s a productive use of my time.”


Will Casten ask Durbin about townhalls? — 5 Comments

  1. Dirt bag Durbin – a hater of our fine military men and women, a smarmy smirk permanently
    pasted on his face. He is a cowards coward who loves to run his LYING mouth in front of the cameras
    and a perineal favorite of the local fake news media, WGN specifically. Outhouse scum personified.

  2. Is Roskam running against Durbin? I see Casten’s name in title of article, but nothing in text? If the info in the article is true, Durbin did the right thing!

    Someone must be getting nervous.

  3. RE: 5:24 PM July 21 comment? What? That radio station, Chicago’s very own, has fake news?

  4. Durbin isn’t up for reelection until 2020.
    Duckworth isn’t up until 2022.
    Roskam is a weird fellow. Tippy toes around conservative events depending on HOW conservative they are, takes their money, occasionally gives a 15 second speech, and never does town halls because they are “a waste of time.” Wouldn’t want to get a real question.
    Clearly this is a deflection to the fact that Roskam won’t meet with his constituents yet he is up for re-election in 4 months…
    So his response is “BUT BUT BUT DICK DURBIN!”

    Yeah, great….emulate a scumbag. Good one, Roskam…

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