Jack Franks Set for $58,622 Pension for Part-Time Job

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks is set for a pension of $4,885 monthly when he reaches his fifty-fifth birthday October 2nd of this year.

The Democrat inquired about his pension rights and was informed of what he had coming from the General Assembly Retirement System by Angela Ackerson in a May 29th letter.

His eighteen years in the Illinois House of Representatives entitle Franks to not only a pension, which will increase 3 percent a year, but also comprehensive health insurance for himself, his wife and eligible child.

Jack Franks

While the retiree’s health, prescription drug, vision and dental insurance is free, it will cost $287 a month to enroll his family members.

There are deductibles.

Franks had $143,157.44 deducted from his legislative salary and put into the pension system.

During the last month of his last term, Franks was double-dipping, that is, he was drawing a salary from both the State of Illinois and the County of McHenry.

While State Representative, Franks praticed law and was a banker.

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The author of this article is also a recipient of a legislative pension.  It’s over $90,000 a year now and increased 3 percent this month, as it has since his forced retirement in 2001.  He was defeated in the Republican Party Primary Election by Rosemary Kurtz.


Jack Franks Set for $58,622 Pension for Part-Time Job — 50 Comments

  1. 90,000 a year? What a joke. I wonder how many other retirees like you cal are collecting that kind of money. No wonder the state is broke. Politicians are draining the system. It’s not the poor or welfare system. It’s you politicians.

  2. Seriously, go fuck yourself Cal. You have a pension too and it’s $92,000 a year.

  3. Oh Ye of Limited Vocabulary, if you want to be banned, keep using swearwords.

  4. not a fan of Cal or Jack receiving these large pensions or Illinois’ pension systems in general, however, these pension systems were set up by law and they cannot be diminished by law because of the state constitution, court rulings, and perhaps the U.S. Constitution which also has an impairment clause.

    Cal have you ever inquired into whether pensioners can voluntarily give up their own pension or have them diminished?

  5. **Oh Ye of Limited Vocabulary, if you want to be banned, keep using swearwords.**

    LOL – blatant racism? Totally acceptable. Naughty words? Get you banned.


  6. But blocking my Public Sector/Jack Franks fart jokes, may be a 1st Amendment violation.

  7. Stop trashing my sunshine blogger! No pension, regardless of the money amount, will be good enough to compensate him for his priceless contribution to our county with this sunshine blog; the shining cyber-sanctuary city for sick individualism, selfishness, xenophobia and gross racism. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  8. So Cal you never made 90g a year when you were actually serving but you do in retirement? And yet somehow you vilify those taking pensions or hoping to collect someday. The taxpayer champion living off the tax payer. The hypocrisy of this blog is almost too much. Wonder how many other frequent commentators are also collecting.

  9. Jack and Pam*
    Went up the hill
    To fetch a pail of water.
    Jack fell down
    And broke his crown,
    And Pam* came tumbling after.


  10. According to the public comments made by former IMRF Director Lou Kosiba Franks is also entitled to a pension as County Chairman.

  11. Yes, Dr. Pepper, I am responsible for writing the Illinois Constitution and U.S. Constitution, as well as writing the pension laws of Illinois. I am also the multiple Illinois Supreme Court judges who have ruled on high profile pension cases, the plaintiffs who brought those cases forward, AND the entire Democrat controlled bicameral legislature.

    Good thing we have “Dr. Pepper” who knows how to fix Illinois’ +200 billion dollar pension crisis unlike those low-effort, idea-less, curmudeonous habitual losers of the Illinois Republican Party!

    I am told it involves 23 spices.

  12. Bleach Blonde, cal has no values that don’t serve him. you make the mistake by thinking cal ever served us in the 64th district. He was one of the laughing stocks in Springfield. Then the local Republicans got fed-up with his witless behaviors and took him out. However, he pretends to be a tax fighter, and some believe his selfish lies.

  13. Dear Mr. Tom: Say anything you want about our sunshine blogger; but at least he will survive the bluenami next November with his built-in natural huge belly lifeguard, which guarantees this sunshine blog will endure. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  14. It’s OK for Cal to post anti-Semitic racist posts and death threats but you use the F word and he gets really offended. I wonder why he was not offended when the Republicans supported a terrorist who blew up churches or elected a chair person who is a blatant racist…..

    No Fucks given

  15. Right on the mark Spotlight. cal uses his raw meat posts to get the racists and bigots frothing at their foul mouths. He has been a divider for years.

    Heaven forbid someone uses a foul word on his watch, but give a bigot a piece of meat, and he’s all good. He’s a little weak guy who hides behind his fake claim to be the press.

  16. Politicians are the last people who should be receiving pensions. Most of the comments here are on point. Cal sits back and collects his pension that he did absolutely nothing to deserve while he drums up conspiracy theories, writes posts belittling the people who actually did the work and put in the time for a pension… ie fireman, police, teachers, the real public servants. Shame on you Cal. Can’t do anything about you taking the pension but at least do some good with the money instead of dividing and writing garbage on this cesspool of a blog.

  17. Wow, it’s amazing reading the tolerant, support an old cowboy telling anyone to *go f*** yourself*. Most incredible excuse is using the racist card. Let’s see if I got this. Man writes story about pension entitlement, admitting to his own. Cowboy tells author to go f*** himself. The Love not Hate party of tolerance, and kindness applaud vulgar cowboy. One might think this was a conversation from street corner thugs protecting their territory.

  18. Please welcome our latest snowflake crying republikkklan unable to see all the xenophobia, racism, and homophobia vomited on this sunshine blog on a daily basis. Stay tuned…101 days, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwww…

  19. Follow the money paid to retired public-sector employees throughout Illinois at the Better Government Association (BGA) website at:


    Realize that not only are pensions and benefits ridiculously high at retirement dates for Illinois government workers including teachers, school administrators and others BUT these pensions increase automatically per COLAs by 3 percent every year after these people retire. Their pensions double after about 30 years. It is EXTREMELY rare for retirees who worked in the private sector to get annual COLAs. It is becoming very rare in the private sector for corporations and companies to even have pensions. Per COLAs in Illinois, a teacher retiring at age 55 at $100K will receive $200K at age 85.

    This is not sustainable in Illinois. The unfunded pension debt is estimated at $200 Billion. This State has been the worst of 50 on a financial basis and will collapse, go bankrupt. All government retirees will then get a severe haircut just as GM bondholders got a haircut when President Obama intervened when that company was in distress by giving concessions and favoritism to unions at GM. His action was illegal in that bondholders should have been considered ahead of unions.

    There are over 14,000 former Illinois government workers getting over $100K pensions per year. There are retirees getting $200K, $300K, $400K, and $500K pensions per year. The top pension payout recipient gets about $550K per year and an annual COLA presently over $15,000 per year. These pension amounts are insane. One should logically ask why anyone should be getting over $100K per year. Especially when compared to pensions and SS of retirees of the private sector.

    The Illinois Constitution MUST be revised to eliminate the clauses that allow the outrageous yearly COLAs. There also needs to be consideration to reduce the outrageously high pension amount payouts such as $200K to $500K annual amounts.

  20. It is not racist to:

    -bail out people under trial for running guns to anti-black African warlords
    -refer to growing Hispanic populations as “invasions”
    -declare Hispanic populations to be “Mexican consulates”
    -refer to black people as “low IQ”
    -refer to black people as “fresh off the boat Africans”
    -attempt to minimize racist hate crimes, because all white men are oppressed

    All actions/comments of the McHenry GOP or commenters of the Blog.

    This is just a sampling; the Blog is a great safe-space for racists, and the “snowflake” comment amuses me to no end, considering the incessant crying of white people on this blog over tiny slights while they minimize the literal murder of other demographics.

  21. This Blog also wastes a lot of space on hot-take, pundit class f’wits, but hey, here they are anyway!

  22. During President Obama’s 8 years in office, it was common for many left wingers in the media to cry “racist” at those who merely criticized the President’s policies and decisions. That was the default posture because most of these left wingers are bereft of reason and logic and cannot make a rational rebuttal.

  23. Great. I’m still trying to forget President “Keep your own doctor”.

  24. But I didn’t forget, you nice folks still have to come up with $500 M, to build his South Side temple.

  25. DJ ,it’s interesting that when I see folks pontificate on Obama’s lies, I read or hear the same examples, Keep your doctor etc. Yep That was a lie, but you all quote the same lie in reference to his years of service.

    trump tells at least on lie every time he opens his mouth. I saw a report that he has told 3.800 plus lies thus far in this circus called his administration. He really can’t tell the difference between the truth and a lie. He even lies when he’s reporting good news for Americans.

  26. With regards to false truths and true lies, I must rely on the most recent quote for the ages from our sexual-assaulter-in-chief tronald chump: “Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening.” It should be noted this statement will not apply to the neverending garbage spewed here by compassionate conservative sunshine commenters. Stay tuned…101 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  27. Just a reminder that your postings are a meaningless landfill of drivel and your only value is as an object of redicule by me.

  28. “We are made up of old white men in the Republican Party,” Mitch McConnell

  29. @bred winner

    The COLAs are compounded annually. It takes a little over 23 years for a pension to double.

  30. Billy Bob. You are correct. Between 23 and 24 years for a retired Illinois government worker to double their yearly pension amount. So, if a 55-year old teacher or principal retires with a pension of $150,000 per year, they will double it to $300,000 by age 79. Insane COLA policy. Not sustainable in this State of Illinois. COLA’s need to be abolished along with a rewrite of the Illinois Constitution.

    Where are all of the liberals, Democrats, left wingers on this issue who are always screaming “income inequality”. Why should government retirees get COLAs if at taxpayer expense? Why does any retiree anywhere need more than $100,000 per year to live in retirement? Did they not build savings accounts per their lavish salaries to build a nest egg for retirement?

  31. People should keep hammering Jack (Jack Hammer) on this one.

    Show up for public comment at Board meetings and point out that while he was eliminating meager pensions for County Board members, he was not renouncing his own pension.

  32. Our irresponsible economist and sociology professor at it again with public employees’ pensions. Please provide to the millions of readers of this sunshine blog the number of teachers and administrators who retire with a pension of $150,000 in the state of Illinois. Compassionate conservatives love to calculate averages but conveniently forget this statistical measure when it comes to justify their extreme right wing lies and misinformation. Come on, give it a try. Search the average retirement income for a teacher in Illinois and let’s continue the conversation. In the meantime, bravo for the concern about income inequality! Please join us in the fight to raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15/hour and raise taxes on the rich to start the process of closing the obscene gap of income and wealth inequality in our great United States of America. We know these Fox-news brainwashed compassionate conservatives too well; to them, the only sane economic and fiscal policies are lowering salaries and benefits of the working people and cutting social services. Stay tuned…100 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  33. I agree with hammering Stalin-like dictator Jack D. Franks on this one. Sunshine blogger, would you volunteer to carry a sign with a clever message about this issue during the next Board meeting? Please consider my following suggestion for the text of the sign: “support pensions for irrelevant republican bloggers; cut everybody elses'”. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  34. There are over 14,000 former Illinois government workers getting over $100K pensions per year. There are retirees getting $200K, $300K, $400K, and $500K pensions per year. The top pension payout recipient gets about $550K per year and an annual COLA presently over $15,000 per year. These pension amounts are insane. One should logically ask why anyone should be getting over $100K per year. Especially when compared to pensions and SS of retirees of the private sector.

    Follow the money paid to retired public-sector employees throughout Illinois at the Better Government Association (BGA) website at:


    You have to wonder how many former Illinois government workers now getting pensions over $100,000 talk out of both sides of their mouths. Namely, supporting left wingers, liberals and socialist/communist political candidates and politicians who make headlines about the injustice of “income inequality”.

  35. The number was $150,000. Again, right wing sites that support extreme right wing agendas. And from there, socialist/communist, blah, blah, blah, blaaaahhhh…Try the average, try the average, try the average…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  36. If you are going to use average pension amounts, you have to use average amounts for people who spent most or all of their working lives in the pension system.

    Otherwise, the problem is greatly understated.

    For example, Tier 1 teachers only needed 5 years of credit to vest in the system.

    A lot of women taught for a short while and then quit to raise a family.

    They would qualify for a small pension that would skew the average considerably lower.

  37. Additionally, it would prevent right wingers from making their point. 99 days, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  38. These are not retirement plans but winning lottery tickets given to those in the political class by those in the political class. I admit I am jealous I am not one of the winners but rather conscripted as one of those who must pay it as long as I own real estate in this state. So much for property rights under Constitution.

  39. Not all colas are the same.
    Imrf is 3 percent of original retirement amount and that amount stays the same forever. As time goes on the 3 percent amount decreases.

  40. Sorry, that is unclear. The amount doesn’t decrease but is obviously less than 3 percent and the percentage gets smaller.

  41. Unfortunately most of the IL gov pensions colas are compounded.
    This is a major problem.

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