The Democratic Dog That Didn’t Bark

With apologies to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of Silver Blaze.”

Democrats encouraged a demonstration against Congressman Randy Hultgren at Thursday night’s fundraiser for State Rep. candidate Tom Weber.  No one saw any demonstrator.  The parking lot was as empty half an hour after the event started as it was when this photo was taken fifteen minutes before it ended.

Thursday nightt State Rep. Tom Weber candidate held a fundraiser at the Rib House.

Congressman Randy Hultgren stressed the importance of electing Tom Weber to the Illinois House of Representatives.

There was an effort by local Democratic Party activists to mount a demonstration in front of the event because Congressman Randy Hultgren was speaking.

It did not materialize.

Besides Hultgren, other elected and former elected officials included

  • State Rep. Steve Reick
  • McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally
  • McHenry County College Board member and County GOP Chairman Diane Evertsen
  • McHenry County Board member Joe Gottemoller
  • Former State Senator Jack Schaffer


The Democratic Dog That Didn’t Bark — 21 Comments

  1. Dear Cal,

    Please do NOT mention me on your ‘blog’ or for God’s sake, endorse me. I am in enough trouble in this one. Well you know, your record when giving candidates support. Thanks, Randy.

    PS. Keep Walsh away too.

  2. Reick is a human pest, a lying PoS, a poseur and a deadbeat.

    He stands for Rauner and the corrupt GOP which aligns itself with Madigan’s Red Guard.

    Kenneally is another phony.

    Gottemoller is Franks’ valet and butt-kisser.

    Evertsen is asea.

    Schaffer is a pension-pig par excellence

    In short a sorry spectacle. Can’t we do better?

    Answer: Yes.

  3. Reick has said he ‘strongly’ opposes Trump, and border security, yet he touts gun control and fawns over the IEA.

  4. Paul Serwatka called out Kenneally as ‘another democrat’ who ‘grassed’ the dupes in McHenry County, once again.

    I agree.

  5. Is Weber wearing some kind of weird hat to make it seem he’s got a halo?

    I agree with the statements above about Reick and Kenneally.

    Shaffer is a blowhard from way back, I recall how he bellowed about Manzullo, yet he and his wife at one time, were the highest paid couple on the state gravy train.

    I don’t know Gottmoller, but Evertsen seems OK.

  6. In this sunshine blog, our cat always meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwsss…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. These people all contributed, in varying degrees, to the pathetic state of the GOP in Illinois.

    They played nice-nice with the Madigan, Black Lives Matter people.

    And look what we’ve got: despite a GOP County Board of Aavangs and Gottemollers, the 15th highest property-taxed county in the whole USA!

    Something is wrong with that sick picture and these creeps should share the blame, although certainly not equally.

    Kenneally is a fraud, but a relative newcomer to the County. (He was a Democrat in Cook County which anybody could have found out with a little investigation)

    The worst one of the bunch is, of course, Jack Schaffer, Al Jourdan’s go-fer, protégé and bagman.

  8. Jack Franks controls them. (well, not Evertsen, but all the rest)

  9. Headline in the NWH today: “McHenry County Chiefs of Police Association hosts golf outing”

    I was wondering why this local LOBBY group never got mentioned in this blog?

  10. NWH headline today: McHenry County Chiefs of Police Association hosts golf outing
    Why hasn’t this LOBBY org ever been mentioned on this blog?

  11. NWH story today: McHenry County Chiefs of Police Association hosts golf outing
    Why hasn’t this blog ever mentioned this LOBBY org?

  12. Note to self: Literary references don’t go over well, with this on-line mob.

  13. What is your point?

    What has the group done that you find distasteful?

  14. DJ,
    This crowd isn’t learned – granted, we are better of now that crazy Cindy is gone.

  15. Nob, stutter much??? What are you repeating all over yourself about?

  16. “This crowd isn’t learned’?
    Check your spelling and speak for yourself Rodeo Clown!

  17. Well, IMHO the various posters nailed it as to the characters of the “GOP” bobolinks.

    Keneally is a great disappointment and liar.

  18. Yes DJ, the dog that didn’t bark is from Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series. The dog didn’t bark bc he knew the horse thief, just like the Dems know that these so-called GOP RINOs are their allies and co-conspirators to dispossess us.

    Is that good enough for you?

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