Althoff Grant Transparency Bill Signed

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff:

Althoff legislation improves Grant Accountability and Transparency Act

Springfield, IL… State Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) applauds the Governor on signing House Bill 4689, which improves upon the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA)–an initiative that Sen. Althoff played a large role in creating.

Fully implemented for more than a year, GATA is a national model that Sen. Althoff says implements uniform guidelines and standards to increase transparency and accountability in the administration of federal and state grants.

Pam Althoff

“Since its inception, GATA has led the nation in implementation of statewide grant management, saving the state millions of dollars,” said Sen. Althoff.

“With grants comprising approximately 66 percent of the state’s annual budget, it is vital that Illinois has a system that makes it easier for entities to do business in Illinois. GATA establishes one set of uniform grant requirements regardless of the source of funding, and utilizes web-based automation to reduce costs and increase efficiencies to Illinois taxpayers.”

As of Jan. 1, 2018, GATA has provided Illinois with cost savings of approximately $236 million.

“I am extremely proud to have been apart of GATA’s creation and have enjoyed working with my colleagues on further legislation, such as House Bill 4689, helping to create the wonderful grant system that is now a model for the rest of the country,” Sen. Althoff said.


Althoff Grant Transparency Bill Signed — 7 Comments

  1. Soon the harpy called Althoff will not have her Springfield perch to twitter from.

    That’s a big reason why the Althoff Family will have nothing to do with her.

    Althoff and Rauner! What a great Loser-Pair.

    Pam, is this useless bill supposed to undo a career of RINOism and years of wine and cheese sellouts of the yokels back in McHenry County?

    Gimme a break, Pam.

    Ernest Hemmingway had Althoff pegged:

    Papa wasn’t talking about physical ugliness …. the hideousness was all internal!

  2. Pam was bad all right when she was McHenry Mayoress.

    She’d send her stooge, Sue Low, to do her dirty work.

    She was bad State Rep., as exemplified by her cheerleading for another liar, Rauner.

    Her prize turkey, Jim Reinert, was supposed to be crowned as her chosen successor, but he was a crook, too, who used a southside Chicago felon to ‘create signatures’ for his candidacy petitions.

    And she’ll almost certainly be bad on the County Board.

    Between her and Franks, whose worse. That’s a tough one. But I’d say Althoff will be worse.

    Why? Sometimes even Franks does the right thing. Pam. never. And Franks is smarter, I’ll give him that.

    We are sheep to be fleeced, and if we ‘don’t like it, we can all move out’ is her standard retort.

  3. Pam Althoff was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT and an even bigger RINO in Springfield. She started that way and now finishes her career as an unapologetic one.

    If I was generous, I’d give her a D, to be kind.

    If I was fair, she’d have gotten an F.

    Just look at the way she posed in that publicity picture she herself staged. She’s so full of herself!

    But that’s Pam. She’d pose exactly like that at McHenry Chamber of Commerce mixers.

    It was kinda funny, in a way how her toadies flocked to her for handouts like park pigeons.

  4. Pamela Althoff really should consider selling used lemon cars.

    It fits her persona.

  5. These comments are all so mean and nasty!

    But guess what, they’re also TRUE!

    Sometimes the truth just needs to be told unvarnished and not sugarcoated.

    Yeah, Pammmy’s ‘transparent’ all right —— because there’s nothing of substance there!

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