Government Consolidation Urged for More Oversight of McHenry Township Road District

A letter to the Northwest Herald, reprinted with permisison of its author, Jamie Grubich, who lives in McHenry:


To the Editor:

Who would not be in favor of a local initiative that would deliver OVERSIGHT to a committee of FIVE (The McHenry Township Board) instead of a committee of ONE (The McHenry Township Road Commissioner) and provide complete TRANSPARENCY to the TAXPAYERS?

That is precisely what voting YES to consolidating the McHenry Road District into the McHenry Township will do.

Teens carried a “Vote Yes” banner in front of the Fiesta Days Parade marchers in support of abolishing the McHenry Township Road District as a government virtually separate from McHenry Township.

It eliminates the legalize that originally authorized the Road District to be its own unit of government and consolidates the function under the township.

Illinois currently has 1,391 Township Road Districts which operate independently from the 1,431 General Township units.

Township government units make up 2,822 of the 6,963 total units of Illinois government (2012 U.S. Census; Illinois Comptroller’s Office reports 8,466 units).

We have thousands more units of government than any other state and the worst Fiscal Stability rating of all the states (U.S. News and World Report 2018).

Township roads will continue to be plowed and maintained by the McHenry Township.

Overlapping units of government cost TAXPAYERS real dollars in administration and overhead and do not provide more value to the basic service of road maintenance.

OVERSIGHT and TRANSPARENCY will help prevent additional investigations from being launched by the McHenry County State’s Attorney for the misuse of TAXPAYER monies.

In 2018, three McHenry County Townships are now under investigation; Algonquin, Nunda and Grafton (

We cannot afford any TAXPAYER dollars to be used for investigations with our property taxes being the second highest in the nation.

I again point TAXPAYERS to the polls while Illinois legislators and elected officials point fingers at each other and the other unit of government.

Remember to ask your friends and family members to vote with you on sensible local consolidation issues.

For those of you TAXPAYERS that have not voted in the past, it takes 2 minutes to register online to vote in the November election.


Jamie Grubich


Government Consolidation Urged for More Oversight of McHenry Township Road District — 8 Comments

  1. Mr. Grubich: here is the answer to your rhetorical question:

    Jimmy Condon, the hirer of Bob Miller. that’s who, as well as all the other township leeches.

    You are interfering with their parasitism!!!

  2. You whiners should be more concerned with the overall pension crisis in Illinois.

    Oh, the teenager in the picture looks to be >70 years old.

  3. This is the first step in Bob getting what he wants.

    Taking a bunch of teenage kids to the parade to march on something they know nothing about.

    Bob wants everyone to drink his kool-aid and ask no questions.

    Let’s just vote because Bob says the board has no oversight.

    Why should we give 3 guys from Wonder lake control over what happens in the whole township?

    How about some representation from lakemoor or johnsburg?

  4. An election will be held in 2021 to select the Township Trustees who would be in charge.

    There is no guarantee that current Trustees will even run, let alone be re-elected.

  5. Jimmy Condon is a cool cat.

    He knows what’s what.

    We are like worms compared to him.

    He’s a Thetan!

  6. Let’s see Adam, I think it was called an election and the most votes won.

    The same thing will happen in November so if you are against more oversight of the road district, use your vote.

    Most of the time that’s still the way it works!

    Ask the voters in Nunda Township if they would like the opportunity to have more oversight of Lesperance.

    The answer would probably be a resounding yes but the Nunda board has unfortunately not given taxpayers that opportunity.

    Paul, whining aside, of course we should all be concerned with the pension crisis.

    Does that mean we can’t focus on any other government entities?

    I’m glad for any efforts to rein in control of our tax dollars no matter where.

  7. When are you people gonna understand?

    You are sheep to be fleeced by government drones, like Mr. Condon. If Condon ever worked a full day at McHenry Township, it would be worth a NWH front page story.

    He can usually be found at lunchh from 11:30 or so until about 3 at

    Then it’s time to ‘call it a day’!

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