Northwest Herald “Reporter” Ed Komenda Praised for Unflattering Photography on Private Facebook Page

It is no secret that the Northwest Herald has it in for Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser.  The local rag has put Gasser on the cover no less than eight times with drama filled headlines, click bait bylines, and pictures of Gasser that are less than flattering.  Gasser has complained about this before to Komenda.

“I talked to Ed when he took the pictures of us in flood operations.  While most people had pictures of themselves throwing sandbags there was a picture of me operating a forklift looking like I was lost.  I was like what the hell, Ed?” said Gasser.

Now on what Gasser calls the private Gasser Facebook hate group page “Citizens of Algonquin Township” a post has appeared congratulating Komenda for utilizing pictures that frame Gasser negatively.

Komenda and Hannah Prokop belong to the group which was allegedly formed by Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik and Jennifer McCrackken after Gasser defeated 24-year incumbent Bob Miller.  Trustees Melissa Victor and David Chapman also belong to the group and often post negative comments about Supervisor Chuck Lutzow and Gasser.

“I do not have access to that page,” said Gasser.  “They are all Fake News.  They feed the Northworst Herald and there is not a shred of credibility left in that paper.  Compare pictures of any conservative or politician to that of Jack Franks.  I wonder if the Northworst Herald sends in a makeup guy for Jack before they take the pics.”

Gasser has been one of the only Republicans to stand up to Franks and the guile Political Class of McHenry County.  He often posts images of what he believes to be the best representation of the Northwest Herald.



Northwest Herald “Reporter” Ed Komenda Praised for Unflattering Photography on Private Facebook Page — 23 Comments

  1. If there is something this Northwest local rag can learn from my sunshine blogger is how to take and publish pictures of public officials. Just look at the way he handles pictures of Jack Franks and other local Democratic leaders; very sunshiny professional. 87 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. Typical immature Leftist buffoonery from the NorthWorst Harlot 😆

  3. I dropped my subscription years ago, and got another 10-15 families ‘unhooked’ from that lie-rag.

    I’m proud of it.

    I think a boycott of NWH deluded advertisers is in order.

    Why do I write ‘deluded’?

    Because the Herald uses false ‘circulation’ counts!

    They distribute 1000s of the lie-rag to local libraries, some schools, some firehouses, Centegra, even the County jail!

    I started a personal boycott of Gary Lang awhile back.

    I even told him about it.

    The NWH’s days are numbered, thank GOD!

  4. Was this African chap writing about the NWH?

    I believe he was!!!!

    They fed me with nonsense
    To contaminate my Soul
    To confuse my mind
    To plant the seed of doubt
    To break my thought process
    And wage a war of lies among my children

    They uprooted my spirit of truthfulness
    And transplanted my discerning mind
    So that I can listen to their lies
    So that I can partake in their evil schemes
    So that I can poison my children
    So that I can drink from their dirty hands

    They exposed my eyes to their lies
    And wrapped my heart in doubt
    Starting a war of doubt in my thoughts
    I was vulnerable to their evil ideas
    I was disabled by their lies

    They brought me a plate full of fake news
    And forced me to dine and wine with their lies
    To celebrate the birth of a deadly serpent
    To give my heart away to the devil
    To throw my Soul into the abyss

    I am thirsty for the truth
    I don’t want any more lies …

    Kenneth Maswabi

  5. I will dance a little jig when the NWH finally folds.

    It has been a slow death, the obituaries they charge so dearly for, number their ever-declining readership.

    How sad it had to be this way.

    People are waking up to the fake news — and it’s not just MSNBC, NYT, NPR or CNN.

    It’s been goin’ on a long time, folks!

  6. Yeah, I guess it’s time not to renew my subscription.

    The least they can do is call it “The Jack Franks Herald.”

    Now that would at least put peeps on notice.

    The hatchet jobs on anybody any good finally make me mad enough to say “Fuggetaboutit.”

    I have a few weeks to go, but I won’t renew!

  7. The Herald promulgating “Fake News”…. Really?

    Y E S !!!

    been doin’ it since 1985 (at least)

  8. A hate group/blog complaining about a hate group?


    I’d bet Jack Franks or Bob Miller are reading this and saying out loud, “Cry me a river Andrew!”

  9. A good digital camera can take multiple shots in a one second time frame. If taking pictures of a person speaking, then it is relatively easy to review the shots taken and find one where the person’s mouth and facial expression look awkward while enunciating a word. A devious media, whether traditional national newspapers of prominence, or cable news networks, can then pick the most awkward looking photo and publish or show it to visually disparage the subject person without using any words or text.

    It is common for left leaning newspapers, news agencies or left leaning news networks to intentionally use awkward facial expressions of conservative and Republican politicians. Many years ago when Condi Rice was Secretary of State, one prominent news agency used the same photo of her over a number of months which showed her with an awkward facial expression.

  10. Komenda must be Kommended for his juvenile ‘efforts’ at trying to suck up to his NorthWest Herald editor and Jack Franks, the defacto Editor ‘n Chief.

    He’ll go far at the Herald.

    But his heydays will be short lived as that paper will not be around very much longer.

    I pray advertisers and subscribers won’t pony up too much in extended contracts (even though they may seem like a ‘good’ deal) bc the paper’s bankruptcy will mean their $$$ has to be used up first to pay scribblers like Little Eddie.

  11. The whole idea that you need to get your news of the entire world from foreign affairs down to the local boy scout troop jamboree delivered to you by someone on a truck who throws it in your bushes is obsolete.

    All print media is about to go the way of the pay phone booth.

    This blog for years has been the only source of real local political information.

    True, Cal has definite biases, but at least you know what they are.

    If it is the case that Komenda is really part of this group, he should disclose that and not do stories concerning AL township.

    Beware of anyone who claims to be “objective”.

    There is no such thing.

  12. Ed, Andrew, Allen, and Dave all use the media and Facebook to try and get some type of political or financial benefit.

    They all mislead us with their use of the media.

    None of them are without fault and they all are on the same agenda oddly, eliminating townships even if that raises taxation.

  13. Cindy has passed.

    Curiously just about the time the Timothy Smith trial ended. Hmmmph.

  14. It’s no secret at all.

    I doubt they’re trying to hide their bias.

    Any doubt?

    You only need to read today’s Thumbs Up Thumbs Down.

    The article opens with Gasser wants to kill Granny.

    The sex offenders get a thumbs up, and end the article with a repeat of Gasser wants to kill Granny.

  15. Tabloid Ed

    tell us more about Uncle Meatball. Society could not function without your hard hitting reporting.

  16. Am I the only one that loves to read people’s comments but skip right over Llarvona and Nob’s nonsensical blather and save precious time and agggravation. Two nubes don’t deserve acknowledgement.

  17. LOL – is Gasser really complaining about less than flattering pictures? You have to be kidding me.

    Also – its a complete joke that Cal/Gasser talk about the NWH using unflattering pictures. Because that (unflattering pictures) is one of the hallmarks of this blog.

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