Will Northwest Herald Deserve a “Fake News” Label for County Board Coverage?

A commenter wrote in mid-morning under the story

Bad Math at the Chicago Tribune and Northwest Herald

that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks announced his hope that the tax levy could be cut 3.8% more for next year’s taxes to a two-year total of 15%.

But, of course, 3.8%, plus 11.2% equals 15%.

The problem is the above story, published this morning, documents (with source documents from the County Clerk’s Office shown) that the McHenry County tax levy decreased 9.55% between 2017 and 2018.

Will the Northwest Herald deserve a “Fake News” designation for its story on today McHenry County Board Committee of the Whole meeting.

Not the 11.2% that Franks keeps asserting.

Two Northwest Herald Editors, Jon Styl and Hannah Prokop, have been emailed the calculations I posted in today’s McHenry County Blog article.

Will the NWH continue to report the false information that Franks continues to assert?

Or will the story point out that the real tax cut this year was 9.55% and do the math.

9.55%, plus 3.8% would equal about a 13.13% cut over two years.

If so, the Northwest Herald assuredly deserves a “Fake New” label.


Will Northwest Herald Deserve a “Fake News” Label for County Board Coverage? — 6 Comments

  1. Depends if Tabloid Ed is covering the story…

    I’m wondering when NW Herald is going to cover Keri Barber’s lawsuit against the Chairman of the McHenry County Democratic Party.

    They covered low-IQ Ron Eck’s lawsuit.

    Where’s the balance?

  2. Eck’s action was not a lawsuit.

    It was a complaint to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

  3. Look folks. The NWH can print they think Jack Franks stuffed a potato in the wrong side of his speedo, DJ refereeing yesterday’s back yard squirrel fight, or whatever they want.

    1st Amendment says so.

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