McHenry Township Trustee Applicants Revealed

In response to a Freedom of Information request, McHenry Township Supervisor Craig Adams reveals that the following have applied for the Township Trustee position left vacant by the resignation of Bill Cunningham:

  • Gary S .Barla, Johnsburg
  • Mark R. Jaeger, McHenry
  • John Macrito,  McHenry
  • JoAnne Neumann, Johnsburg
  • Neal Schepler, McHenry
  • Steven R. Verr, McHenry

Elected officials and McHenry Township Board.  Bill Cunningham is third from the left.

Gary Barla and Neal Schepler ran unsuccessfully as Independents for Trustee with Supervisor Craig Adams.  Barla also served on the Johnsburg School Board for ten years.

John Macrito is owner of Corkscrew Pointe in McHenry and a former GOP Precinct Committeeman.

Mark Jaeger is a member of the McHenry Grade School District Board.

JoAnne Newman was part of the Kitchen Militia, a group of conservative women, back in the 1990’s.  She was brave enough to run against McHenry County Republican Chairman Al Jourdan for Precinct Committeeman.

Steve Verr, was the unsuccessful Republican Party candidate for Township Supervisor in the race that Craig Adams won.


McHenry Township Trustee Applicants Revealed — 7 Comments

  1. Barla is Condon’s hand-picked puppet, but Adams wants Macrito.

    He runs a notorious bar catering to a ‘nice’ crowd.


    Keep it under your hat.

    Barla is kinda creepy: He wants teachers to get big raises and supports weirdo things like this in his school.

    Mrs. Macrito is currently Adam’s asst., doing political work for him.

    But that’s all OK.

    They even staged a ‘separation’ so nobody could yell ‘nepotism’.

    But they still live together and laugh about what she actually does at the Township HQs.

    Township people are funny that way.

    They are entitled.

    And they love to pull the wool over everbody’s eyes with how much they sacrifice.

    But it’s crazy.

    Bob Anderson and his group are trying to bring common sence to the crooked township.

    Good Luck to Anderson.

    Bad luck to Barla and Macrito and Condon.

    Township is not a private club!

  2. Pinto I.m not sure who you are, nor do I really care.

    You need to get your facts straight I John Macrito only wish that Debbie and I staged a separation.

    The truth is that Debbie and I where separated four years ago.

    Sure recently we got together for a short while, trying to make it work again.

    For reasons that will remain private the attempt to reconcile failed.

    We remain great friends living our separate lives.

    Now to your reference to Corkscrew Pointe, simply go to my facebook page and read my customers comments of which none refer to my bar/restaurant as notorious.

    One last note MS Debbie Macrito is the most trustworthy and professional person you obviously have never meet.

    Ask Bob Andesron yourself or any of the other trustees and you would quickly find out how big of a jack ass you are.

  3. Pinto, I’m going to be very nice when I say you have know idea of what your talking about, as John Macrito said, get your facts straight, I have work with Debbie for a year and a half and she is worth twice what she gets paid and is one of the most dedicated, honest and brilliant person I have ever worked with!!

    So My advice is know what your talking about before you open your mouth!

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