Crystal Lake’s Colonial Cafe Closing

Crystal Lake’s Colonial Cafe announced this week that it is closing.

The restaurant seemed to cater to families and older folks, but has been struggling since its long-tome manager left.

Colonial Cafe closing notice.

This is its second location, having started aross Route 14 in the building now housing Starbuck’s and Five Guys.


Crystal Lake’s Colonial Cafe Closing — 2 Comments

  1. Just another sign that CL is no longer family friendly, and that Illinois is no longer a place for business.

  2. CL is fine.

    I went to the Colonial Cafe recently and found the wait staff unenthusiastic (Tired? Beaten down?)

    It needed deep cleaning.

    It needed to get orders entered and delivered correctly.

    It needed to improve the quality of its food to match their prices.

    In other words, there are better options and they couldn’t or chose not to compete.

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