How Local Dems Spent their Money from April Through June

The McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee show having raised almost $19,000 from April through now.

The Democratic Part had a banner in front of its entry. The woman on the far side wears all sorts of buttons, but I can’t make them out.

The total was boosted that high by about $12,000 from JB Pritzker funneled though the Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association.

In the second quarter local Democrats spent $16,302.54.

The County Chair’s Association was given $1,000 in two checks by the local organization at the end of June, so the net take was about ten grand.

Other expenditures follow:

  • $7,772 – Jamesons in Huntley, where the Jefferson Day Dinner was held
  • $1,670 – Printing
  • $1,050 – Training by Alexander Finke
  • $875 – Insurance
  • $410 – Raffle prizes reimbursement to Ruth Scifo
  • $330 – Promotional items and candy
  • $302 – Awards reimbursement to Wendy Piersall of Woodstock
  • $300 – McHenry County Fair booth
  • $277 – Buttons
  • $277 – Bank charges
  • $260 – Yard signs from Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association
  • $226 – Lodging for staff paid to Kristina Zahorik
  • $177 – Web site upkeep by Nationbuilder
  • $177 – Computer soltware from Hawaii’s Ujoin
  • $175 – McHenry Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing sponsorship
  • $30 – Food reimbursement to Ruth Scifo


How Local Dems Spent their Money from April Through June — 5 Comments

  1. $277 in Bank charges . . .is there a Math Problem, with their accounting methods?

  2. The bank charges are credit card processing fees for using PayPal for contributions.

    Almost every campaign/PAC has similar charges.

  3. Some of the women are SCOWLING, but Lauren Underwood is always smiling.

    That’s why Lauren Underwood does so much better than a lot of the nasty women who run for office.

    Nobody wants to vote for some wretch!

    They want HAPPY people.

    Randy could learn a thing from happy candidates like Lauren Underwood and Donald Trump.

    You gotta have fun, Randy!

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