Roakam Shoots Back At Casten in TV Ad

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From Congressman Peter Roskam’s campaign:

New Roskam ad highlights high cost of Casten-Madigan tax plan

Wheaton, IL — Living in the second-highest taxed state, Illinois taxpayers have seen the costly effects of Sean Casten’s tax increase agenda before—because it’s right out of Mike Madigan’s playbook.

The Roskam for Congress campaign released an ad today highlighting the damaging impact of the Casten-Madigan tax increase agenda on Illinois families and businesses.

“In his tax plan and on the campaign trail, Sean Casten has repeatedly promised to raise nearly every tax imaginable,” said Roskam for Congress spokesperson Veronica Vera.

“Unsurprisingly, Casten’s agenda to increase at least five kinds of taxes—so far—comes with a laundry list of expensive government initiatives on which to spend even more of Illinoisans’ hard-earned money.”

Illinois has the highest rate of outmigration of residents in the country, due in large part to its high property and state income taxes.

But instead of siding with Illinois families and businesses, Casten aligned with Mike Madigan on opposing a property tax freeze that would have provided much-needed relief to taxpayers.

In his own words during a recent televised debate, Casten confirmed that he will raise a litany of taxes and undo the tax relief recently provided by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Purporting to campaign as a “businessman, not a politician,” Casten’s business record tells a darker story.

Casten was sued by his own investors for nepotism, mismanagement and breaches of fiduciary duty—mirroring the same shady behavior Illinoisans have come to expect from Mike Madigan and corrupt Chicago city officials.


Roakam Shoots Back At Casten in TV Ad — 1 Comment

  1. Lame.



    The real and winning issues: Border Control; Religious Freedom; European Culture Preservation

    But wuss Roskam would never dare to tread there. He should lose!

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