Sean Casten’s First TV Ad

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Sean Casten, the Democratic Party candidate opposing incumbent Republican Peter Roskam is up with his first television ad, which you can see below:


Sean Casten’s First TV Ad — 6 Comments

  1. Pretty defensive ad.

    But what about his sicko transgender pandering?

    Support efforts that enable transgender Americans to change their gender on government identification documents and allow transgender Americans to use the public facilities that fit their gender identities

    from Casten’s own website; he’s proud of it!

  2. That’s the worst hologram endorsement by Spencer Tracy I’ve ever seen.

  3. This guy seems weird.

    His positions on issues are out of the mainstream of decent, law abiding and common sense citizens.

    What kind of dopes, useful idiots would vote for him? Sky is falling, global warming nitwits?

  4. This ad is a necessary defense given the misleading ads Roskam is running. Clearly Roskam is more interested in doing whatever it takes to get re-elected, even if that means unfairly smearing his opponent.

    In Crain’s Chicago Business, noted that Roskam’s attack ad on Casten “leaves out all sorts of pertinent details that, if known by viewers, would reduce its impact. And Team Roskam is ducking some very pertinent questions. … The key word—’accused’—is not repeated. And certainly not at the end of the spot, that ends with the statement that Casten is ‘just another shady Illinois politician.’ … If Roskam has any proof that the disaffected board members and his investment company are still unhappy—just like in divorce cases, corporate takeover efforts can get pretty nasty—they’re not providing it. Nor is the Roskam camp saying whether they talked to the guy who sued Casten.”

    Roskam proved that he is the one who is the shady career politician with his attack ads.

  5. This guy is naive. Go to his website and read his positions on issues. He is just ANOTHER wimp Democrat that will follow and obey the orders of the absolutely incompetent top Democrat leadership in Congress led by Pelosi and Schumer and also the corrupt Democrat Party top leadership with a U.S. Rep guy from MINN who violates women. Democrats are anti-American per their resolve to abolish ICE, to support open borders, to have compassion for violent murderous gang members who invade the U.S. and to support and condone sanctuary cities and states for illegal aliens. Are there any law abiding and legal citizens of the U.S. that support illegal aliens other than morons?

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