Patrick Kenneally Lays Down Challenge for Local Republicans

At his fundraiser on Thursday night, McHenry County State’s Attorney laid down his hope for Republicans in McHenry County.

He cites a sense of revolt over the last three years locally.

Here are two highlights:

“An inflamed sense that something is fundamentally very wrong with out government, property taxes in particular serving as a constant reminder of this face.”

“Do we as McHenry County Republicans have a long term, clear-eyed set of specific policy proposals to reduce property taxes in McHenry County, shrink government, and foster economic growth?”

The full text follows:


Patrick Kenneally Lays Down Challenge for Local Republicans — 13 Comments

  1. I wonder if this doofus is so deluded that he actually believes that the local republicans look to him for leadership?

    Any chance of that ever happening vanished when he punted on the Miller case.

  2. Me thinks he has eyes on something besides remaining county States Attorney…..

    To comment on his comments:

    (1) In terms of fixing the local property tax mess, this has to be done through a combination of pressure in Springfield to increase the state’s contribution to education plus further pressure on local school boards to spend more responsibly.

    Tax conscious candidates need to run for local school boards and WIN.

    This means a Get Out The Vote effort needs to be made in Consolidated Elections so someone shows up other than parents of current school children and union members.

    School teachers and administrators and spouses of same should not be on local school boards.

    It’s an obvious conflict of interest.

    This needs to be pointed out more effectively in local school board elections.

    A more meaningful senior citizen exemption would also help those on fixed incomes to be able to remain in their homes.

    (2) The GOP will continue to be rent by factionalism just as the Democrats are.

    It’s in the nature of the Beast.

    Trying to apply a Purity Test of Conservatism will just cause the Party to shrink further.

    There needs to be a Big Tent or the Elephant will be the next Dodo.

    The local party then needs to be able to come together and do something more for candidates once they have won the primaries.

    Say what you will about the Olde Guarde, but they could get money into the hands of candidates and organize a more systematic campaign.

    The current leadership, as well meaning and refreshingly honest as they are, are clueless in that regard.

    Holding a fundraiser and running a single robocall with the funds raised will not do it.

    Local deep pockets need to be tapped.

    There needs to be a coordinated effort by committeemen, many of whom sit on their hands during an election.

    Given the current state of affairs, both locally and nationally, I would not be surprised to see some Democrats elected locally in November.

  3. Totally agree with Billy Bob and opening line of Known Extremist.

    Say no more. How many times has he/Kenneally ducked and run?

    Lots of P.R. but nothing substantive in his record.

    Lake County State’s Attorney facilitated investigation of the Lake County Board Chairman using Illinois State Police; why couldn’t, or didn’t, Kenneally and Prim move this through them in the Miller farce?

    And, by the way, WHY is a sitting State’s Attorney MC/Moderator for candidates’ forums? P.R.

  4. Illinois is currently a lost cause!

    Any Republican needs to move to either so called purple states or states that might become purple such as Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, Flordia, Kentucky, Texas, Ohio to help flip those states more red for a longer period of time in the future.

    Those should be the Republican Strategy going forward.

    Illinois is a lost cause and will be for at least another 15-20 yrs.

    The sooner that Illinois goes bankrupt/insolvent the better off this state can turn around.

    The only issue is you want a Republican Governor and not a super majority in the house/senate of Dems. to reorganize.

  5. Keneally needs to focus on DOING HIS JOB.

    Focus on cleaning up corruption, enforcing the law, prosecuting criminals.

    That’s all he needs to worry about and he’ll be re-elected and free to look for other offices to run for.

    Do the job you’ve got, sir!

  6. Im all ears. Let’s hear from Patrick on how he would reduce real estate property taxes in McHenry County. Would he nibble around the edges or go after what is 70 percent of our tax bills. The low hanging fruit of bloated and far too many school districts, outrageous high salaries and benefits of school administrators and teachers, outrageous high pensions to retired government workers including former administrators and teachers, redundant administrative positions across school districts, school district jobs and functions not needed and that can be cut, etc, etc, etc.

  7. He’s the Biggest Loser in the County.

    And the Biggest, Dumbest RINO!

    His coddling of criminality and refusal to do his easy job is staggering.

    Were the Miller Crimelords were there to cheer and swoon for their protector?

  8. What’s with the red pupils?

    Was he hypnotized by Bob Miller again?

    Or taking ‘Judge” Chemiel lessons?

  9. You people are deluded.

    He had a packed house of influential people from the county.

    People who are accomplished, respected and successful- unlike every other Republican event.

  10. Inish, are you Pat K., himself?

    If so, pay less attention to this blog and more to prosecuting crooks like the Millers!

    How can you condone the the public monies being blown on purely personal spending sprees, like Disneyland trips and Hooters hijinks, expensive women’s purses and hundreds (thousands?) of unaccounted for $100 debit cards!!!!!!

  11. @Inish Just because you pack the room with Judges and Lawyers doesn’t mean they respect you.

    Kenneally is the States Attorney and in a very powerful position.

    They went to play nice nice.

    As a County Wide elected official how many of those supporters were just people that supported him?

    And wonder what might happen when he has a full blown election in 2 years?

    Or a primary challenger?

  12. Well Patrick, don’t know if you are all talk and no action to back that up. Your decisions on Algonquin Township are very questionable. You apparently have shown zero ideas or solutions for the Illinois government’s financial pension crisis in Illinois and the tremendous devaluation of home owners’ loss of value in their houses due to CRUSHING real estate taxes due to outrageous costs of school districts. You disparage blogs. Do you have the courage to answer a reasonable concern from this poster on a blog?

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