NWH Notes County Tax Cut Not 11.2%, But 9.5% Without Mentioning Jack Franks’ Name

A couple of Friends of McHenry Count Blog sent me a Northwest Herald article entitled,

“Board’s 11.2-percent property tax cut drops to 9.5 percent”

One commented,

“Funny I don’t see a quote from Franks!?”

The reporter wrote that after the numbers were examined (links provided by McHenry County Blog below) by the NWH “…the property tax levy was less than what was celebrated…”

Jack Franks is n ot mentioned in the NWH article announcing that taxes were cut 9.5%, not 11.2% as he repeatedly said.

Celebrated by Jack Franks?

No, celebrated by “…in County Board chambers…”

How a mistake trumped by Jack Franks and the NWH occur?

County Administrator Peter Austin said that the 11.2% was “our best guess.”

“The number is never what we say it will be,” the NWH quotes Austin.

I don’t remember such a qualification when Jack Franks announced the “11.2% cut.”

No correction was announced after the McHenry County Clerk issued the real hard numbers used to calculate this year’s tax bills in April.

Except on McHenry County Blog.

The article concludes with the County Administrator suggesting, “…maybe we have to be a little more careful.”

Tune in tomorrow to find out how Jack Franks is planning to cut taxes without cutting spending.

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Here McHenry County Blog articles debunking the 11.2% cut repeatedly advanced by Jack Franks:


NWH Notes County Tax Cut Not 11.2%, But 9.5% Without Mentioning Jack Franks’ Name — 20 Comments

  1. To make this even more outrageous, my sunshine blogger was not mentioned either. Thumbs down to the Northwest Herald. Stay tuned…72 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Best wishes and a speedy recovery Jack, on that football sized goiter you’ve got wrapped around that neck.

  3. The 11.2% number was also used in the “advisory referendum” asking school boards to cut their taxes by a similar amount.

  4. Thank you for the tax cut Jack!

    Better than what the Republicans have done for (to) us in past history

  5. “The number is never what we say it will be.”

    Sounds like the new county slogan.

  6. I’ll take the 9.5, if you are upset give it back. No one else has done this. Let ‘s see if anyone else follows that lead.

  7. And here’s the #2 of known NWH subscribers:

    #2 “Penny” last name unknown, she says the Herald is “mostly great, what I can understand out of it. But then again, maybe it ain’t so great. I’m thinking of canceling my ‘scription, since I can git a free paper whenever I vist my sons at the County Jail. I like the paper for the funnies mostly, when I can understand them. The papers are free at the County Jail. They give me free ice cream at County Jail, too. They call me Mrs. Mom there.”

  8. There was no “tax cut”.

    Everything in there was simply savings that had been built in during previous years that happened to fall last year.

    Since the county has multiple sources of revenue besides property taxes, they can play shell games every year to the end of time to make it look like there are savings.

  9. So today the blog likes the Herold and Ed Komenda.

    I thought they were both fake news.

    What a difference a couple of days make.

    But today we agree with them.

    So today it’s just good ol fashion reporting. Got it.

  10. Bleach Blond, missing the point. Not surprised.
    Dentbla-also missing the fact that it’s not a Tax Cut, Franks had nothing to do with it and it is only an ABATEMENT!

    God, people are stupid!

  11. Steve, it’s not a tax cut. It’s only an abatement and the board did it. Not Franks.
    Rickey, Serwatka and Gasser actually did tax cuts! The only two.

  12. I’d believe a discrepancy of one or two tenths of a percent in the tax rate when estimating, but a discrepancy of 1.7 percent looks a lot like intentional deception.

    The actual tax rate reduction is more than fifteen percent less than what was advertised, and most of it is temporary.

  13. Known- if the levy went down it is a tax cut.

    Spending may very well not have.

    But taxpayer contributions do if the levy went down. A tax cut.

  14. Please realize this policy change affects next year’s taxes, not this year’s.

  15. Let the County Board take the credit for it!

    They voted it through.

    Just remember when the County was in financial problems they didn’t have a reserve.

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