Another Roskam-Casten Poll on Labor Day

Sean Casten

Peter Roskam

Central Market Research, first identifying the firm as “Voter Research,” was again polling on the Peter Roskam-Sean Casten congressional race on September 3rd.

I’m guessing that the poll was financed by Roskam to find out if Casten’s comparing the President to Osama Bin Laden had moved the numbers.

The lines of inquiry follow:

  • Intend to vote?
  • Republican or Democrat?
  • Opinion of Donald Trump
  • Opinion of Nancy Pelosi
  • Opinion of Peter Roskam
  • [My notes do not indicate that one’s opinion of Sean Casten was asked, but it may have been included.]
  • Favor Republican or Democratic Party candidate for Congress?
  • Vote for Republican Peter Roskam or Democrate Sean Casten?
  • Question whether one had heard a lot, some or a little about Roskam.
  • More likely or less likely to vote for Roskam?
  • Question whether one had heard a lot, some or a little about Casten
  • More likely or less likely to vote for Casten?
  • Question about whether the economy is better, worse or the same.
  • Question about whether the tax reform bill would raise, lower or keep one’s taxes the same.
  • Republican or Democrat?
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Conservative, liberal or moderate?
  • Education level

The call ended with the firm being identified as “Central Market Research” and the telephone number 464-408-8208 (said very fast).


Another Roskam-Casten Poll on Labor Day — 1 Comment

  1. “Let’s bother people with a worthless political poll on a national holiday. That’s a great idea.” -Roskam’s campaign team, probably

    Why even waste your time doing opinion research on Nancy Pelosi when you have something way more potent to work with: the Bin Laden quote.

    It’s absolutely deplorable to anybody but the looniest left-wing brainlets.

    Just start running the commercials and quit wasting scarce resources on polling.

    Regardless of whether Roskam is at 48 or 52, he’s going to have to do commercials, and the Bin Laden quote was such an oof moment.

    All Rauner had to do was say Ives was a Madigan plant with no proof or context and voters believed it…

    Imagine an actual quote comparing a sitting president to the orchestrator of the deadliest terrorist attack in American history.

    That will definitely turn people off to Casten.

    One week after a blitz of news organizations reported the gaffe and where are the attack ads? Sleepy Pete is not sending his best strategists!

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