Another Roskam-Casten September 5th

Sean Casten

Peter Roskam

Central Market Research, first identifying the firm as “Voter Research,” was again polling on the Peter Roskam-Sean Casten congressional race on September 5th.

That’s two days after what seems like the same poll on Labor Day.

I’m still guessing that the poll was financed by Roskam to find out if Casten’s comparing the President to Osama Bin Laden had moved the numbers.

Following my notes from the Labor Day survey, I made a few corrections in what the questions are (were):

  • Intend to vote?
  • Republican or Democrat?
  • Opinion of Donald Trump
  • Opinion of Nancy Pelosi
  • Opinion of Peter Roskam
  • Opinion of Sean Casten
  • Favor Republican or Democratic Party candidate for Congress?
  • Vote for Republican Peter Roskam or Democrate Sean Casten?
  • Question whether one had heard a lot, some or a little about Roskam.
  • More likely or less likely to vote for Roskam?
  • Question whether one had heard a lot, some or a little about Casten
  • More likely or less likely to vote for Casten?
  • Question about whether the economy is better, worse or the same.
  • Question about whether the tax reform bill would raise, lower or keep one’s taxes the same.
  • Republican or Democrat?
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Conservative, liberal or moderate?
  • Education level

The call ended with the firm being identified as “Central Market Research” and the telephone number 864-408-8208.

Calling that number reveals it does not work.


Another Roskam-Casten September 5th — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting. I googled “Central Market Research” because I just got a call in NH.

    Exact same questions re Trump, Pelosi, and what have I heard about the various candidates, but substitute the names of the NH candidates (Democratic incumbent Annie Kuster, and Republican challenger Steve Negron).

    I’m an independent who will be voting blue, but wishes that Pelosi would step down, and answered the poll with my honest answer of an unfavorable opinion of her.

    I suspect that a conservative PAC will soon be running a bunch of anti-Pelosi ads.

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