Northwestern Medical Takes Over Centegra

When a country conquers another, the first thing that happens is the running up of the victor’s flag. Here is the flagpole in front of the McHenry Hospital.

The first of September, Northwestern Medical officially took over Centegra.

A new sign on Route 31 points to the “Northwetern Medical” emergency room entrance at the McHenry Hospital.

This past week the officials of Northwestern and Centegra gathered in the Huntley Hospital for a ceremony.

Northwestern Medical put up banners around its McHenry Hospital.

And Friday, workers were busy re-branding the McHenry Hospital.

Workers replaced the Centegra sign on Route 31 with  “Northwestern Medical” Friday.

There will undoubtedly be bigger changes to come.


Northwestern Medical Takes Over Centegra — 2 Comments

  1. Closing down a functioning hospital with hardly any notice, building a giant new hospital, and then complaining about losses.

    Making clear safety violations and trying to get patients to sign “will not sue” papers.

    Lobbying against other hospitals coming into towns which they abandoned.


    Listen to the world’s smallest violin play for Centegra…

  2. Don’t forget, charging a “Facility Fee” for just steping into one of their offices above and beyond their exisitng fees.

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