Hillary Clinton to Help Randy Hutlgren’s Opponent Loren Undrwood with NYC Fundraiser

Loren Underwood introduced herself to Crystal Lake voters at the Independence Day Parade. Her 14th District includes all of McHenry County, expect Algonquin Township. The top of Algonquin Township is Crystal Lake Avenue.

That is what the Chicago Tribune is reporting:

Hillary Clinton to help Democrat Lauren Underwood, other women, with New York City fundraiser


Hillary Clinton to Help Randy Hutlgren’s Opponent Loren Undrwood with NYC Fundraiser — 7 Comments

  1. Sunshine blogger, this time you need to hit the road if you want that free meal. Stay tuned…54 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. That’s too bad about Loren if she has ANY association with the thug and liar Hillary who severely jeopardized our national security with her reckless use of an unauthorized email server.

  3. The kiss of death from that drunken loser, The Hildabeast. I’m lovin’ it !

  4. Oh I’m glad to see the irrational HRC hate is still strong here.

    Abe, I do salute you you for coming up with “drunken” to add to the absurd charges but don’t you think some new nicknames are in order?

    Get some 5th grader to help you if you can’t think of any!

  5. When will this thug and liar Hillary just go away. Sit in a rocking chair, bake cookies, visit with grandchildren. Who besides illiterates and low information people would listen to her after her multiple email server rimes outlined by Comey after he illegally set her free from prosecution. What a horrible record she has in government including her conspiracy with Barack to grandly lie to Americans about Benghazi. She knew on the night that it was planned and executed by terrorists but she and Barack conspired to lie to Americans and say it was all about a protest of a video that got out of hand and then the protesters attacked the American compound. Hillary and Barack should just fade into the background. Informed citizens know how fraudulent this pair has been.

  6. @Joekv – Trump won, Hillary lost.

    Trump is now your president.

    Time to grow up and get over it, snowflake.

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