Jack Franks Cover-Up of Member Walk Out from Committee of the Whole Meeting Today in Response to His Unfair Criticism of Joe Tirio

Earlier today (2:30), I showed what happened when one clicked on the media” button for the McHenry County Board’s September 13, 2018, meeting.

That’s today.

Just in case you are just reading this article, here is what showed up:

It’s now 3:30,about an hour later.

Guess someone on Jack Franks’ staff saw how bad that looked for the boss, because the “media” button has disappeared.

An hour after the last article was posted, the “media” button,which was on the right, had disappeared.

The other meetings in August have a “media” button, just like today’s meeting had until quite recently, as you can see below:

The link to the page for County Board meetings is here.


Jack Franks Cover-Up of Member Walk Out from Committee of the Whole Meeting Today in Response to His Unfair Criticism of Joe Tirio — 10 Comments

  1. And with a little over two years to go until his reelection it already begins to unwind we told you this would happen.

    You haven’t seen anything yet wait till the results come out from the Illinois Integrity fun lawsuit.

  2. Franks colluded with Russia to make this video “disappear”.

    But really, this sounds like something that Hillary would do.

  3. Why is the County Board Chair office so apparently terrified of Tirio being elected County Clerk?

  4. Campaigns can get dirty, not that Joe Tirio, candidate for McHenry County Clerk, has gotten into the local Swamp with his opponent, but how often does the mudslinging come from someone who is not in the race?

    County Board Chairman Jack Franks is, and has long been, throwing the mud in this race, along with his complicit patsies at the Northwest Herald.

    Why is Jack doing this?

    The answer is simple; Jack knows that the County Clerk’s position is one that could hold him in check in his climb to turn McHenry County Blue and position himself as a Michael-Madigan-type ruler on a local throne.

    Joe Tirio is one of the best, most straightforward, upright and honest officials we’ve seen in this county in a long time.

    That’s the kind of character that can’t survive in a Swamp with Swamp creatures, such as Jack Franks.

    So, from Jack’s perspective, Joe has got to go.

  5. Tirio is one of the few people that can use his integrity to challenge Franks, this scares him.

  6. The Old Guard of GOP RINOS hate Tirio as much as Franks and his pack of power-mad lefties.

  7. General question: I noticed that there is a link for the “Agenda Packet” which, after clicking the link, does not bring up the board packet contents for this meeting.

    Many previous meetings actually have an active link to the full board packet contents of that meeting.

    Was there some reason why the board packet contents were not uploaded for this meeting?

    Next, I have an separate question regarding Finance Committee meetings and whether the Board members are ever presented a monthly Treasurer’s report outlining the County’s financial results each month.

    I could not find one in the packet for the last several months, perhaps someone could provide a link?

    Lastly, while I was flying through the Finance Committee packets, I stumbled across an item in the 9/6 packet to lease new radios rather than purchase them.

    The leasing option raised the cost of the project by $37,265 simply because they didn’t want to “absorb all the costs in one year.”

    Perhaps I could buy this argument if the County was strapped for Cash and couldn’t pay the entire upfront cost of $2,241,128.64, but the County is sitting on tens of millions (or maybe more) of dollars in Cash (I would know exactly but see my above comment regarding Treasurer’s Reports) that could pay for this in its entirety without incurring ANY interest expense.

    Why would the County incur $37K in interest costs at 2.85% when they have tens of millions of dollars sitting in the bank earning less than 1%?

    Please stop this.

  8. Im still waiting for my 11% reduction in property taxes, well Mr Franks, when is that becoming a reality?

    You promised as part of your campaign

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