Peter Roskam’s Latest Ad Attacks Opponent Sean Casten — 4 Comments

  1. If Roskam has 14 more different ads coming out, maybe this frenetic and busy commercial isn’t so bad.

    But this one sucks if he’s only going to have a 3-5 ads, this one is a loser.


    because it’s not the kind of ad that ignites the voters he needs.

    It appeals to people who are already going to vote for him. That’s it.

    Yes, Casten is a worthless PoS, an emasculated little droid who caters to LGBTQ weirdos, illegal invaders, and Hillary degenerates.

    But Roskam is not the answer for our future.

    He’s part of the problem … just like Speaker Ryan and Gov. Rauner.

  2. Roskam’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. He decries “the politics of ridicule” when sitting in front of The Daily Herald editorial board and then immediately after launches a misleading attack ad on “shady Sean Casten.”

    It’s not like Casten has actually been hiding what Roskam notes in the ad. Casten frequently speaks about favoring targeted corporate tax breaks, he just doesn’t think Roskam’s deficit-exploding “tax reform” law, which gave companies across-the-board tax breaks, makes economic sense. (See .) And Casten often talks about his lobbying efforts, even if he doesn’t use the word “lobbying.” (See, for example, “I have spent many hours as a clean energy advocate working with many members of Congress.”)

    Clearly Roskam doesn’t think running on his own record is a winning strategy (he’s probably right about that), so he’s got to try to bring down his opponent instead.

  3. Why is it OK for leftists to always resort to anti-White racism (ie., White Guilt, White ‘Privilege’, blah, blah, blah), but never OK for White people to bring up anti-White racism of the Left?

    -Just wondering.

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