Job Description of Jack Franks’ Inspector General

Here is what was presented on Jack Franks’ behalf by McHenry County Administrator Peter Austin:

= = = = =
If you would like to contract your County Board members, their email addressed are below:

<[email protected]>, Chris Christensen <[email protected].gov>, Christopher Spoerl <[email protected]>, Craig Wilcox <[email protected]>, Donald Kopsell <[email protected]>, Donna Kurtz <[email protected]>, Jack Franks <[email protected]>, Jeffrey Thorsen <[email protected]>, Jim Heisler <[email protected]>, Jim Kearns <[email protected]>, John Hammerand <[email protected]ov>, John Jung <[email protected]>, John Reinert <[email protected]>, Joseph Gottemoller <[email protected].gov>, Kay Bates <[email protected]>, Larry Smith <[email protected]>, Mary McCann <[email protected]>, Michael Rein <[email protected]>, Michael Skala <[email protected]>, Michael Walkup <[email protected]>, Michele Aavang <[email protected]>, Paula Yensen <[email protected]>, Robert Nowak <[email protected]>, Thomas Wilbeck <[email protected]>, Yvonne Barnes <[email protected]>


Job Description of Jack Franks’ Inspector General — 4 Comments

  1. What’s the pay?

    Will Jackal try and get his loser brother the job, you know, the one he tried to get a job for from Gov. Blago?

  2. No, Jack won’t offer it to his attorney bro, who left Gary Pack’s office as a asst. state’s atty for numerous goof-ups and somehow losing a big cocaine case.

    That” all come up if Jack tries to horn his brother in.

  3. Disturbing little man with a Napoleon complex!

    Just say NO!

    We have elected officials for that! Franks wants another personal

    Ass kissing patronage hire at the taxpayers expense.

    The Auditor, States Atty and Sheriff were elected by the people for this purpose.

  4. Total compensation is on the document–a bit more than $98,000.

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