John Pletz Shares Election Picks

Published first in the Northwest Herald, thisLletter to the ditor is republished here with author John Pletz’ permission:

Who I am supporting in election

John Pletz being interviewed by Channel 7 reporter Charles Thomas.

It’s “Verbal Abuse Season” again as some honest people choose to run to be public servants, many people will choose to spew their hatred towards them in a very public way.

At the risk of being aligned and maligned with the few servants I have chosen to strongly publicly support, here are the ones I feel need to be supported with our votes in November and why.

Joe Tirio, I’ve known Joe and worked with him to make McHenry County a more taxpayer-friendly place.

We elected Joe to eliminate the office of McHenry County Recorder.

He kept that promise and now we can elect him as McHenry County Clerk, so he can complete the consolidation of those 2 offices.

United States Representative Peter Roskam has represented us well & will save me $3,600 this year alone with his tax cuts and most of you will have tax savings as well.

Governor Bruce Rauner, because our state is in dire financial straits due to high taxes & union pensions.

Democrats have been running our state for decades.

We must stay the course with Governor Rauner.

He has fought to move us incrementally in the direction of cutting back on the tax and spend Springfield culture of taking our money to give away to others.

It’s been a tough battle, but we are making progress.

Just like you, I’m trying to feed my family and not lose my house to ever increasing taxes.

If you and I don’t vote, the takers will take even more from us.

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

― Margaret Thatcher


John Pletz Shares Election Picks — 9 Comments

  1. Well done, John. I agree on every count.

    Dinah_Mite, remember who the alternative is to Rauner. And remember who that person will ALWAYS answer too. The answer to that last one . . . . NOT any of us.

  2. I agree with you on every point, John.

    Dinah_Mite, remember who the alternative is to Rauner.

    That person will always be guided . . . . by someone other than us/we the people.

  3. Rauner is the lesser evil

    Some good can come out of him.

    JB refused to debate Rauner and will not reveal what the brackets are for tax increases.

    Who is what he calls wealthy.?

    There will be more and more taxes going up if the Dems get control.

    PRITZGer is the WORST choice.

    People will be leaving the state even more.

    Tax pensions and there will be a big drain of those on pensions leaving.

    THEN there will be a shortage of taxes coming in and the rest will have more increases to make up for it.

    Hold your nose and vote for Rauner.

  4. “Not lose my house to taxes.”

    Melodramatic much John?

    He’s probably worried about being eaten by mosquitoes , too.

  5. Yes Dinah, but a wasted vote is no strategy to keep us from the disaster that is Pritzker and the Filthy Madigan machine.

    John is well respected and I clearly understand his Conservative politics.

    He is doing best with what we’ve been given in the gubernatorial race.

  6. Joekv, so are you saying that if Pritzker raises taxes another 30-35% that you’d be fine?

    Because a lot of us won’t be. We are at teh breaking point with the last Madigan tax increase!!!

    To call that melodramatic is ignorant.

    You don’t know another man’s burden.

    John is a business owner.

    With that comes much responsibility that you probably couldn’t begin to understand.

  7. Lol1! John Pletz. Guy can’t even get elected dog catcher (remember his defeat fro a BOEspot?), but somehow his opinion matters? Too funny. Stick to dry cleaning John.

  8. Jason, now comments like yours make one think you don’t get a fraction of the respect Mr. Pletz has earned in this county.

    Pletz is a longtime business owner, employer, thinker, listener & doer in the community.

    I think if he runs on his own (not on a slate) he’ll get on any board he wants.

    And what have you done?

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