Video/Audio Still Missing at Midnight, Jack Franks’ Cover Up Continues

McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler emailed Deputy County Administrator Scott Hartman at 12:18 this morning that access to the contents of yesterday’s Committee of the Whole meeting was still not available to the public.

Here is his email:

Mr. Hartman you advised me that audio video files would be up this evening on the COW Meeting but as of this time they are still not present

I am officially requesting that these files be produced and released to me immediately.

Very sincerely,

Chuck Wheeler

The meeting video was not posted yesterday after the meeting as it usually is, then the “media” button disappear for at least an hour, so people could not see the County Board walking out of the room in response to Chairman Jack Franks tirade against County Recorder Joe Tirio or see the walkout of members led by Joe Gottemoller.

The media button is back, but I can hear anything as of 8 AM.

The media button is on the right hand side.


Video/Audio Still Missing at Midnight, Jack Franks’ Cover Up Continues — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve had trouble playing the County Board media before with some browsers, but I tried to access this meeting on three different computers using five different browsers.

    I’m pretty sure the problem is on the County’s end.

    Isn’t Mary McClellan technically responsible for recording the meetings?

    I would imagine that she wants to stay on Jack’s good side.

  2. McClellan is another democrat that moved to McHenry Co. and rechristened herself a ‘Republican’, but she was always a fake RINO.

  3. Franks covering things up!?


    He’s such an honest politician.

    But just look at what he did down in Springfield!

    Naughty Naughty!

  4. I find it curious that Paula Yensen (the only Democrat on the board) practically read from Franks ugly, innappropriate and lying press release from his elected office (which he should be censured for BTW).

    She said the Automation fund was ‘secret’.

    What an ass!

    It’s no such thing.

    The automation fund had 2.1M in it when Tirio’s predessessor retired.

    Is Yensen that daft?

    or is she dishonest and doing Franks’ bidding on his propaganda?

    With her statement, she actually criticized Tirio’s predessessor for the bulk of that surplus in the Automation fund.

    She also threw herself and other board members under the bus as if this was a surprise and they were kept in the dark.

    Give me a break, Paula Useless.

    Get your facts together or resign.

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