Dem Women Meeting Sunday Afternoon in Crystal Lake — 6 Comments

  1. The festivities will begin with all chanting a prayer of loyalty to their POTUS, Hillary R. Clinton.

  2. Don’t fret if you can’t attend, The gals are as dedicated to big gov, unchecked spending and raising taxes as the guys.

  3. Did transsexuals attend? If not, why not!

    Did Lady MaHady OK the exclusion?

    Every homosexual in the County got the ‘word’, and has put up MaHady’s sign, plus they’ve put a lot up on empty homes for sale, just like Jack Franks does.

  4. Suzanne Ness!

    She always has a great Halloween costume.

    It’s Freudian, tho.

    It’s the thing she most wants to be.

    Wonder what she’ll be this year.

    Last year was an illegal alien. I didn’t see her in ’16. In ’15 she was a witch.

  5. Quit picking on Mahady.

    She’s a sweet township moll.

    Upon our tax bill she casts a pall.

    The township losers love to bawl, “Without us, the State would fall!”

    Mahady has the impudence and the gall!

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