Majority of Crystal Lake City Council on the Ballot Next Year

Aaron Shepley

Four of the seven member Crystal Lake City Council are up for re-election next year.

  • Mayor Aaron Shepley
  • Council member Ellen Brady
  • Council member Cathy Ferguson
  • Council member Brett Hopkins

Shepley, Brady and Ferguson were first elected in 1999, so, if they decided to run again, they would be seeking sixth terms.

Petitions can be obtained from City Hall.

Thirty-five signatures are required, but, if one is a serious candidate get at least 100.

Cathy Ferguson

Brett Hopkins

Ellen Brady

The reason is that Mayor Shepley and Councilman Hopkins challenged the petitions of opponents four years ago and won, leaving both unopposed.

The filing period is during Thanksgiving Week, from November 19-26, 2018.

Because of the possibility that a primary election might have to occur, petitions are due earlier than for other types of local governments.

If four times the number of vacancies file, there would be a primary election on February 26, 2019.

Directions can be found in the Illinois State Board of Elections candidates’ instruction booklet.  (See Pages 28-30 of the guide (not the pdf page numbers).

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Majority of Crystal Lake City Council on the Ballot Next Year — 5 Comments

  1. Crooked Shepley! Vote for him!

    He’ll rob ya blind then send ya to the Hadley School for the Blind.

  2. The gang of three are at it again! (Hopkins, Brady and Ferguson)

    My husband Robert Miller, running for Crystal Lake City Council, properly filed his petitions and supporting documentation.

    He opened an email from the attorney for the Electoral Board this morning 12-7-18
    (sent last night 12-6-18) saying his paperwork is being challenged.

    The hearing is scheduled for Monday night 12-10-18.

    Such short notice!

    They are objecting saying he didn’t properly word what office he was running for and that his statement of economic interest was filed late (due to the county offices being closed because of the blizzard!)

    They are nit picking yet again!!

    What are these people so scared of?

    I guess this group, that has been friends since high school doesn’t want their controlling “clique” to be broken by an honest citizen.

    Mr. Miller had three times the petition signatures of Hopkins, Brady or Ferguson!

    It’s time for this kind of politics to stop in Crystal Lake!

    Easier to nit pick petitions than to spend money on an election and have to discuss the issues that are important to the citizens of Crystal Lake.

    Shame on you all!!

  3. Do you care about fairness in Crystal Lake City Government?
    How about having your voice heard?
    Being able to actually VOTE for your choice for the members of the City Council?

    Please join us at the City of Crystal Lake Electoral Board hearing MONDAY DECEMBER 10th 7:30pm at City Hall.

    Current City Council members Hopkins, Brady and Ferguson are objecting to nominating petitions that were
    filed by Robert S. Miller.

    This is a blatant attempt to get rid of any competition and retain their seats for
    4 more years without having an election. No need to spend any money or debate the issues.

    This also keeps YOU from being able to VOTE and choose your representatives!

    Please join us and let the Electoral Board hear from YOU!

    Help us keep Robert S. Miller on the ballot!

  4. Shepley and Hopkins are old high school buddies as well as on a drum line together showing long , personal ties …..

    Their challenge shows that they are desperate to keep their City government positions and outsiders from looking into and investigating the ongoing drainage and flooding issues that they’ve been concealing from property owners located around Route 14 and more specifically the wetland areas.

    As elected officials, why would they and others want to conceal the damages to dozens of private property unless they have a alternative motive not connected to their elected office.

    Who would benefit from the destruction of private property located along the Lakes northern shore area and what other uses could it be used for ?


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