Message of the Day – Buttons

Campaign buttons are an indication that a candidate has money to burn.

Usually, the most on can find are stickers, which are much cheaper than buttons.

At the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night for McHenry County Clerk and State Rep. candideates, the following buttons were on display:

Buttons for Trisha Zubert, running for State representative, and County Clerk candidate Zeke Giorgi. Both are Democrats.


Message of the Day – Buttons — 8 Comments

  1. The one and only campaign button I’ve ever worn was my Bernie Epton, that prophetically stated “Epton….before it’s too late”.

    For you kids out there, we almost won.

  2. Apparently Georgi didn’t spend wisely!

    He has some female Democrat trying to muster up donations for him on FB.

    Seems he needs signs and doesn’t like that Tirio has support everywhere you turn.

    Besides, how DESPERATE can you be to be a countywide candidate and be begging for money for signs at the eleventh hour!

  3. Ol’ droopy Drew is also on the Facebag falsely claiming Tirio wants to ‘privatize the election’.

    I suggest Tirio add Georgi to his defamation lawsuit.

    Spreading lies is all this sad sack Drew idiot seems to excel at.

  4. These wipes never put ‘Democrat’ on anything, I wonder why!

  5. Georgi was a sleazy online lingerie salesman. Wonder what he did for quality control for ‘Georgi-girl Lingerie’?
    What a creeper.

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