Gubernatorial Campaign Spending Up to $20 a Person

As of today, here are the amounts in play in the campaign for Illinois Governor.  Data accumulated by a Friend of McHenry County Blog.

JB Pritzger  $ 60,002,990.86  $     148,574,662.85
Bruce V. Rauner  $ 33,743,178.15  $       78,845,075.75
Sam McCann  $      974,251.00  $         1,623,885.08
Grayson “Kash” Jackson  $          1,985.32  $             10,783.00
Total Funds from Primary challengers  $       19,360,135.41
Total funds in Gubernatorial race  $ 248,414,542.09

That amount translates to $20 for every live person currently living in Illinois.


Gubernatorial Campaign Spending Up to $20 a Person — 1 Comment


    “Billionaire Democratic governor candidate J.B. Pritzker pumped another $20 million into his campaign, extending his record-setting self-funding to more than $146.5 million, a state finance report filed minutes before midnight Saturday showed.

    For the record, the latest multimillion cash infusion made last Tuesday brings Pritzker’s total to $146,550,034 since March 2017, state campaign finance records showed.

    Pritzker’s campaign also put $1 million into the Democratic Party of Illinois, which is chaired by House Speaker Michael Madigan, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s chief political nemesis. The contribution followed $420,000 Pritzker gave the state party a week earlier.”

    But I’m still not voting for the fraud called Rauner. Sam McCann on the conservative ticket gets my vote.

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