NWH Running Reader Poll on State Senate Race Between Wilcox and Mahady

The Northwest Herald has an article on the race for State Senate between newly-appointed State Senator Craig Wilcox and McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady.

The paper is also taking a reader poll.

It is way down on the front page on the right hand side.

My vote in the Northewst Herald poll.

Here are the results just before noon:

Poll results between Crain Wilcox and Mary Mahady at 11:47 AM Thursday, October 4, 2018.


NWH Running Reader Poll on State Senate Race Between Wilcox and Mahady — 8 Comments

  1. How many times can Eddie “LeGroux’ Komenda vote?

    This is not really a poll at all. It’s just another Herald BS technique.

  2. Given the recent despicable behavior by Democrats such as Illinois’ own Durbin in the Senate to smear a Supreme Court nominee, one would expect that any Democrat candidate anywhere in the Nation would be shunned. Wilcox should be at 70 percent at least.

  3. While Wilcox is almost certain to win this election, an online poll could be seen as “vanity metrics.”

    Recall how many online polls showed Bernie clobbering Hillary, yet we all know how that turned out.

    These are unscientific polls, and they’re subject to some manipulation with people using multiple devices or browsers or clearing their cookies to vote more than once.

    (I’ve even seen coordinated efforts from government employees to skew these NW Herald polls at the last minute.)

    Point being, this poll isn’t that helpful and Wilcox should not be complacent.

    If he wants to win, he should campaign as if he’s behind.

    As for there being a blue wave, I think only the dumbest, most insulated progressive would think safe red districts are going to flip.

    We’ll see what happens in the congressional races, we’ll see what happens in the General Assembly as a whole, and we’ll see what happens in these statewide officer elections.

    My guess is that this will be a bad year for Republicans in Illinois.

  4. Ever the academic, Brettman declares that the loss of a Democratic state senate candidate in a primarily red district spells doom for the Democrats.

    Cal, thank you for providing a space for such intellectual inquiry.

  5. Does not matter who wins these polls are useless.

    Can you even call it a poll when anyone can check the box even if they are not even a resident of that district or even registered to vote at all?

  6. **So much for the ‘blue wave’.**

    LOL – you don’t know much about the district, do you? Or about stupid online polls?

    Mahady can get crushed in that district, and the Dems can (and will) still pick up a significant number of seats in the IL legislature, and Congress.

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