Man Admits to Attempted Murder

A press release from the McHenry County State’s Attorney:


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that 33-year-old Miguel Hernandez-Solorzano of Des Plaines, Illinois, pled guilty to the offenses of Attempted First Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery.

Hernandez-Solorzano faces penalties that range from 6 to 30 years in in the Illinois Department of Corrections for the offense of Attempted First Degree Murder.

Under Truth in Sentencing Guidelines, Hernandez-Solorzano must serve 85% of the sentence imposed.

In early October of 2017, Hernandez-Solorzano sent threatening text messages to one of the victims with whom Hernandez-Solorzano had been in a relationship with.

Days later, while the victims were attending a child’s birthday party at a relative’s house, Hernandez-Solorzano, who had been hiding behind a barn on the property, jumped out and attacked two victims with a knife.

The victims fought off Hernandez-Solorzano who was subsequently restrained by other family members until police arrived on scene.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorneys Rita Gara and Randi Freese.

The case was investigated by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.


Man Admits to Attempted Murder — 4 Comments

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