Craig Wilcox Sends Third Mailing in Quest for State Senate Seat Next Year

Friday a third mailing was placed in our mailbox from appointed State Senator Craig Wilcox.

This one featured the endorsement of his predecessor, Pam Althoff.

Wilcox was appointed to replace Althoff when she retired.

Althoff is running unopposed for the McHenry County Board.

Wilcox is facing off against McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady.


Craig Wilcox Sends Third Mailing in Quest for State Senate Seat Next Year — 7 Comments

  1. Does this RINO Althoff endorsement help Wilcox?

    Maybe. Depends on Mary Mahady’s mailings, I guess.

    But Althoff was bad news for the GOP, so how can this help?

  2. Democratic Central Committee of Rock Island County P.O. Box 3128

    Rock Island, IL 61204-3128 $11,833.33
    9/16/2018 2A
    McHenry County Democratic Central Committee


  3. Sophisticated and shrewd campaign literature.

    Wilcox: ” Da Madigan bad, tax bad, woman good”

    Illinois Voter: “Me vote you”.

  4. Wilcox, tsk,tsk,tsk. Poor judgement with Althoff’s face stuck on there, a real turnoff for many republicans.

    But then again, maybe not so dumb…she must have a wad of campaign money she won’t be needing.

    Did that pay for the third mailing?

    Money can make even her more palatable.

  5. Now she can claim Wilcox was all her idea from the gitgo.

    Uh, but what about the crook Rienert, though?

    Oh, right, that’s all in the memory hole.

    Althoff the RINO who voted for Hillary backs Wilcox.

    Not a good message, Craig.

    It won’t you get you many votes but will lose you some when people won’t vote for either candidate.

  6. Craig had nothing to do with this mailer. This is not from or paid for by his campaign, it is from the IL Republican Party, Springfield.

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