Tax Accountability Endorses Tirio for Second Office

A press release from McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio:

Joe Tirio gets Tax Accountability Endorsement from Taxpayers United

Joe Tirio, current County Recorder and Candidate for County Clerk, has just been awarded the Tax Accountability Endorsement from Jim Tobin of Taxpayers United of America (the largest taxpayer protection organization.)

Tirio was awarded this back in 2016 when he ran as Recorder and vowed to ‘Erase the Recorder,’ which he did.

He kept his promise to eliminate his own elected position as Recorder and merge the Recorder’s office’s functions back into the Clerk’s office where it originated.

He successfully had this referendum put on the ballot within the first six months of taking office.

The citizens voted with a resounding ‘Yes’ this past spring.

Taxpayers United more than likely understands that, Tirio says what he means, and means what he says… and then?

He does one better!

  • Kept his promise to eliminate HIS elected official’s Salary/Pension/Benefits….forever! The plan (or rather ‘gift’) that keeps on giving.
  • Refused his Pension, day one.
  • Not only adhered to his promise not to partake in Nepotism & Patronage with his website, but managed to reduce the Recorder’s office’s Salary Expenses by over 11% in his first year. This will return nearly $200,000 more to the County’s General Fund over this year and next!

Since Tirio’s plan to merge the Recorder’s office back into the Clerk’s was voted on, and he is successfully running and improving the Recorder’s office, if  elected, he will hopefully run the Clerk’s office with the same discerning quality in which he’s handled the Recorder’s office.


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  1. Another well deserved endorsement from illinois’s best tax saver, Jim Tobin.

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