Roskam’s Take on WTTW Debate

From Peter Roskam’s campaign:

In WTTW debate, Casten doubles down on bizarre admiration of sex columnist Dan Savage

WHEATON, IL — Just days following an interview with The Wall Street Journal where Sean Casten bizarrely idealized controversial sex columnist Dan Savage, Casten sat in front of WTTW’s Carol Marin and Peter Roskam, and doubled down again stating he “embraces Dan Savage to this day.”


Casten seeks to represent a district where nearly half of the residents are Republican, yet embraces a man who wishes Republicans “were all f*ing dead.” He stands by Savage even though he compared gay people voting for Republicans to Jews voting for Nazis. Savage, the leader he looks up to, invoked violence against another candidate, stating “Carl Romanelli should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but rope.”

Savage isn’t the only controversial figure in Casten’s circle of inspiration. He continues to raise money with and receive support from Cards Against Humanity Co-Creator Max Temkin, publicly accused of sexual assault. Temkin’s game, known for its offensive and crude humor, took it a step farther by creating an expansion pack mocking the Jewish faith and making light of the Holocaust. The cards were so controversial that Target was forced to pull them from their shelves.

Casten fails to denounce his friends’ disturbing remarks and actions—or express any remorse for his own vicious rhetoric. During the debate, Marin asked him about his comparison of the President to Osama bin Laden, to which Casten responded, “What I said needed to be said.”


“Of all the leaders in the world, Casten most looks up to Dan Savage, someone who has literally stated he wishes all Republicans were dead and has invoked violence against a candidate he disagrees with. Instead of distancing himself in the debate, he doubled down on his support of Dan Savage,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera.

“Simply put, Casten is not the moderate, well-reasoned candidate he would like voters to believe in. If Casten embraces vicious, deeply personal attacks on those who make up half of the district, how can he possible expect to bring people together and work in a bipartisan fashion to get things done?”


Roskam’s Take on WTTW Debate — 8 Comments

  1. Boy, Roskam’s got nothing to run on does he?

    You’d think after his, what 600 years in office he could point to his own accomplishments once in a while.

  2. Thank you sunshine blogger, you finally reached the bottom line; implying Sean Casten is a sexual pervert. The Northworst Herald rag has a lot to learn from your accurate, timely, and reliable reporting; that is, if it does not go away soon. Stay tuned…14 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeeeeooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  3. From The Party Of Civility Dept:

    Boy, DEMOCRAT Casten has nothing to run on but comparing gay people voting for Republicans
    to Jews voting for Nazis, does he ?

    Perhaps Casten should point to his own accomplishments once in a while.

    What sick bastards DEMOCRATS are.

  4. niether roskum nor hulgren have a pot to in when it comes to platform.

    Each just needs to grab trump by his b;;lls and hang on for a hoped for win.

    Both are pathetic.

  5. A Democrat could have a Hefty bag of Meth and a hard drive full of child porn and Illinois f’wits would still vote for them.

  6. What kind of a fool would vote for Casten? The guy who recklessly said that abortion was the same as a gall bladder operation. The guy who compared Trump to Osama bin Laden. Casten is just another of the awful and terrible candidates the Democratic Party dredges up from somewhere.

  7. tommy, once again you go after Masculinity as a target against Men.

    Please keep your Hands and Mouth to yourself, maybe JB will give you one of his potty’s for your entertainment.

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