New York Times Poll at 260 Reponses

Here is what the New York Times poll, reported in real time, during the third day of calling looks:

With 260 people participating so far, Peter Roskam is leading Sean Casten by five percentage points with nine percent undecided.

You can follow where people are being called at this NYT web site.

Where 260 polling calls were completed in the Illinois 6th congressiional district as of 5 PM on October 23, 2018.



New York Times Poll at 260 Reponses — 9 Comments

  1. Ha ha! Oh wait.

    Its 260 respondents.

    The poll is still meaningless at this point.

  2. It’s amazing how few people respond to these polls. It was 260 out of over 30,000 calls.

    Be aware that undecideds usually break against incumbents.

  3. I believe the 30,000 figure is for all the polls being done across the nation.

  4. What number would make you pay attention, alabama?

    The NYT said don’t pay attention until 250 are reached.

    I think they’re at 374 now.

    Weren’t you the one that pointed out that 250 number to Cal a few days ago?

    The last time NYT did a poll on this district was in early Sep.

    Over 500 were reached and Roskam led by 1 point.

    If you want to downplay these results, you could just point to other polls that show Casten leading or you could point out that there’s a plus/minus 6 and roughly 10 percent undecided.

    What you’re doing just sounds like moving the goalposts.

    Unless you have some statistical insight you’d like to share…

    @Cal, that number is for this particular race because each NYT poll has a different number for how many calls were made.

    You can scroll to the bottom of the page and see other polls they’ve done.

  5. **AlabamaShake, I look at Wheaton, and I see that going 75% for Roskam.**

    First, Roskam better win Wheaton, or he won’t get over 45%.

    Second, you should learn about sample sizes. The whole poll isn’t very meaningful. The handful of folks that answered the phone in Wheaton? Definitely not meaningful in any way.

  6. Cal – how many posts have you made about these NYT live polls and you still don’t understand the numbers mean?

    NYT/Siena polls have made over 2 million total calls, not 30,000 total calls.

    2,167,692 as of right now.

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