Joe Tirio Says He Will Serve as Both Recorder and Clerk, If Elected; State’s Attorney Says It’s OK

A press release from Joe Tirio:

If elected, Tirio agrees to serve as Recorder without pay until offices are consolidated

At Craig Wilcox’ rally, newly-elected McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett, McHenry County Recorder Joe Tirio and McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally chatted before the speakers took the floor.

WOODSTOCK, IL – As election day looms near, some are asking what will happen to the Recorder’s office if Tirio wins the race.

Will he be the Recorder, the Clerk, or both?

If offices are deemed incompatible, then one person cannot occupy them both.

Incompatibilities can be identified in statute, or by examining the relationship between the two offices to see if there would be issues like conflicting interests.

“I recently received a State’s Attorney’s opinion on the matter and it is their belief (as it is mine) that the offices are compatible.

“It stands to reason, as more than 85% of the counties in the state have a combined Clerk and Recorder.

“How could they be incompatible?”

“If elected, I will work with the County administration to suspend my salary as Recorder effective the day that I am sworn in as Clerk.

“In this way, the savings related to eliminating the role of Recorder can begin as soon as possible.”

The offices will be treated as two separate offices run by a single elected official until the Recorder’s role expires at the end of November 2020.

Since being elected to the office of Recorder in 2016, Joe has reduced fees, cut expenses and improved service to the people of the county.

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Were Tirio to resign as Recorder of Deeds upon being sworn in as County Clerk, McHenry County Board Chairman would have the power to appoint a replacement, subject to approval of the person by the County Board.


Joe Tirio Says He Will Serve as Both Recorder and Clerk, If Elected; State’s Attorney Says It’s OK — 14 Comments

  1. “I won’t hire my wife and I won’t eliminate my job – but I’ll take another taxpayer funded job!!”

    Someone needs to send this guy a message…

  2. I will Spitlite: Great Job Joe, Way to GO!

    Finally a local politician who is not a Creep, RINO or Hack.

    I guess that’s why the other politicos are scared by him.

    When people like Althoff, Reick, Franks, Sue Low and Bob Miller, for example, run him down, his stature grows in my esteem.

  3. Most important line which SHOULD have been the headline: “If elected, I will work with the County administration to suspend my salary as Recorder effective the day that I am sworn in as Clerk.”

  4. Uh, oh. Is that the great Bobby Miller apologist known as “Kenneally Boy” and Jett the Lib-mayor of McHenry there?

    I wouldn’t call that very good company.

    Jett wants to tax me out of my home with his rec center referendum fiasco, and Kenneally winks at corruption.

    Jett backs the crazy McH high school referendum, too.

    I can report Harvard area is solidly for Tirio.

  5. He will only get ONE salary.


    Other counties have done this to save money.

  6. Joe is legally entitled to take two salaries.

    He voluntarily chooses to take only one because he regards taking two as unethical.

    I don’t know how many other people would turn down an extra $80,000 a year.

    Joe is my choice not only because he is competent but because his ethics are of the highest standard.

  7. What’s the latest on indentifying the imbeciles who sent out mailers showing Tirio with a mask?

  8. As debt obligations increase at the local and state level, consolidation will become more attractive.

    Joe is just slightly ahead of the trend to come.

  9. If he loses, he should resign from the recorder.

    Mission failed at that point….

  10. No, Spotlight, the people elected him thru 2020.

    Tirio won’t leave the Recorder ‘s office to get screwed up by anyone else coming in that would have to learn two jobs.

    That is how the mission would fail.

  11. Spotlight are you a transgender?

    We know you worked at the Fake News Herald —– do you now work for Franks?

  12. Spotlight, Tirio DID eliminate his job as elected Recorder.

    He kept his promise.

    Isn’t it only natural that he’d merge the two offices and then run as Clerk to oversee both?

    Tirio will be the next Clerk who will seamlessly merge his existing Recorders office back under the umbrella of the Clerks office.

    We wish him the best in his defamation lawsuit.

    Lying smears like he had to endure have no place in a civil society.

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