Owner of LITH’s Bistro Wasabi and El Cochino Shot in Chicago — 8 Comments

  1. Yet another innocent life sacrificed for the greater good of the DEMOCRAT utopian sanctuary city, Chiraq.

    I’m sure Casten would like more of the same for the all of Illinois.

    RIP Peter … and to the rest of you, stay the hell out of Chicago if you value your lives.

  2. Not sure if the incident was on the north or south side of Diversey.

    Regardless it was very close to the intersection of Pulaski Road & Diversey Avenue on the northwest side of Chicago, which is at the convergence of the Belmont Gardens, Avondale, and Logan Square Neighborhoods.

    Originally on the north side of Diversey there was an Olson Rug Company plant, which became a Marshall Fields, then Macy’s, and now CubeSmart Storage and Cermak Fresh Market.

    An infamous man made park named Olson Memorial Park was also located there, which was converted to a parking lot in the 1970’s.

    Diversey in that area is borderline; shootings are not common but do happen.

  3. Jack D. Franks is a Democrat…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Is the far northwest side of Chicago were cops and firemen live still safe?

  5. Diversey and Kostner neighborhood where this took place, do not a terrible neighborhood, is not exactly a desirable area…

    This guy resided in South Berrington, owned businesses and Lake in the Hills, and was in this area of Chicago at 6 a.m.?.

    Could very well have been drug-related.

  6. Did he take that name as an inside joke.

    His folks and brother have another surname.

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