Roskam Continues Campaign to Convince People that Opponent Casten is “Not Like Us”

Sean Casten

Peter Roskam

In campaigns, candidates do their best to identify themselves with their constituents.

They want voters to think they are “more like us” than their opponents.

Congressman Peter Roskam has increasingly been doing that during the last week.

Of course, he has help from his opponent Sean Casten, who has compared President Donald Trump with Osama bin Laden and picked Dan Savage, a sex advice columnist who hates Christians, said he wanted all Republican dead (see one minute mark on video), as his role model.

The “not like us” examples are outlined in the following press release from Roskam:

Casten’s offensive commentary lands him in boiling water… again

Casten’s apathy has gone from ‘ask for forgiveness later’ to never

WHEATON, IL — With every Sean Casten public appearance, comes a new offensive soundbite for the media and voters to digest—and Casten’s recent WTTW debate performance and campaigning has crowded headlines.

Given several opportunities to respond to his string of vicious, divisive rhetoric on the campaign trail, or his admiration for radical activists who slander and blackmail for political gain, Casten sat across WTTW’s Carol Marin and retracted his previous apology for comparing the President to Osama bin laden, doubled down on idolizing Dan Savage despite his violent anti-Republican stances, and for the fifth time, did not apologize for calling Republicans pedophilesmoronsNazis and racists.

Judging from the past week in front of press and voters, Casten has eliminated any doubt that he’ll be filtering himself—or repenting—before the election.

“Despite being called out repeatedly for his divisive rhetoric by Peter and by reporters, Sean Casten has only turned up the volume—and retracted the one apology he has offered the 6th District for his actions,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera.

“He has made it abundantly clear he doesn’t care who he offends, how his words come off or the fact he is alienating more than half of the 6th District.

“The people of Illinois have been embarrassed enough by unfiltered, self-serving politicians who don’t listen to the constituents.

“Instead of secret tapped phone calls, Casten is campaigning on hateful, vicious rhetoric for voters and reporters to hear.”


Roskam Continues Campaign to Convince People that Opponent Casten is “Not Like Us” — 5 Comments

  1. Roskam, the best of two bad alternatives.

    This can be said of most candidate races in Illinois at bothe the state and federal level.

  2. Look Pete, you’re not like me.

    Even I’m not like me during these looney campaigns.

  3. Latest news in the Partisan Based War on Civility, McHenry County edition:

    Local disbarred attorney and son of former Circuit Court Judge James C. Franz was charged for violation of his probation for threatening a member of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC).

    “Franz is accused of threatening an ARDC member in a voicemail that said: You destroyed me, you filthy Democrat. Burn in hell. You started this fight but I’m finishing it. I’m coming after you.”

    In light of what has just happened, this is truly frightening.

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