NWH Endorses The Three Republican State Senate Candidates

At the McHenry County Fair, all three State Senate candidates with part of their districts in McHenry County showed up at the Republican booth at the same time. Seen here are Craig Wilcox, Dan McConchie and Don DeWitte.

To over-generalize,but not by much, the Northwest Herald Editorial Board endorsed all three Republican State Senate candidates over their Democratic Party opponents because the Democrats seemed likely or stated specifically that they wanted to impose a progressive income tax on residents, while the Republicans did not.


NWH Endorses The Three Republican State Senate Candidates — 7 Comments

  1. Fun Fact.

    Texas has the same number of Senators as Illinois, get paid only $7200 per year, in a State 5 X larger, 3 X the pop. and have still managed to squirrel away $10 B into a Rainy Day Fund.

  2. FAKE NEWS! NWH IS THE WORST – where’s all the whining now? lol

  3. Hey Spit-Lite: The Fake News NWH wants access to these three after they win.

    That’s all.

    Witte is a RINO anyway.

  4. Hey Justadouchebag – If you are such a pure soul, why don’t you run?

  5. Justadouchebag, Spotlight’s right. You and your racist white kind need serious psycho-intervention.

  6. Hi, I am running for Congress, Ahem! I mean, for the State Senate. Pardon my lapsus linguae. Stay tuned…tic, tock, vote, vote, tic, tock…

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