Two Mailings from Nancy Zettler

Nancy Zettler is running for State Senate against appointed State Senator Don Dewitte.

Whoever supplied these two mailings certainly did not want their names known, so they ripped them off before leaving this at Republican Headquarters at the tip of the “V” in the Crystal Lake Plaza (my first State Rep. office in 1973).

(If anyone has complete copies or other mailings from Zerttler or opponent Don DeWitte they could scan and send, that would be appreciated.  The email address is on the left of the screen)

Believed to be the first of the two (with the number 24 under the torn off mailing permit) is a postcard.

On this post card Nancy Zettler takes Republican Don DeWitte to task for thinking “Illinois Should Impose New Taxes on Seniors’ Retirement and Health Insurance.”

On the back of this Nancy Zettler post card Zettler is seen filling up her car stating, “Republican State Senator DeWitte Wants to Raise Your Gas Taxes.”

There was a later four-sided mailing numbered 35 you can see below:

Democrat Nancy Zettler claims, “You Can’t Trust Senator DeWitte on Taxes,” adding Don DeWette said he would not raise taxes when he ran for office in St. Charles,”but once he was Mayor, the city created a new sales tax on alcohol.”

On the back of the four-sided mailing, Nancy Zettler makes the point that Don DeWitte”supports a new tax on seniors’ retirement savings and taxing their health insurance,” while she does not.

Nancy Zettler’s message that State Senator Don DeWitte promised not to raise taxes when running for Mayor of St. Charles and then “created a new sales tax on alcohol” is reiterated on the inside left page of this mailing.

On the inside right of her four page mailing, Nancy Zettler writes of changes she wants to make, if elected. They include increasing school funding and not paying legislators if they don’t pass a budget.


Two Mailings from Nancy Zettler — 10 Comments

  1. Seriously, I have $10 that says any f’wit, who thinks by spending more on schools you can still reduce property taxes, literally the only cognition they have about Economics is “me don’t no”.

  2. I realize Witte is a RINO most sh+tty, but Zettler is a complete Hillaryite.

    Why won’t she ID herself as a donkey party pooper?

    We have another rat-person in Steve Reick in the North end of the county as RINO state rep.

    That man is an avowed atheist and tax-hog.

  3. I would disinfect ANYTHING that came from Zettler.

    She worships Franks and Hillary.

  4. What a laugh.

    Zettler will raise taxes just like all the Democraps do!

    Take take take!

  5. abe, (I thought that you died) tiny weenie, catch my drift.

    abe loves posting about enemas…just saying.

  6. Little Tommy Snowflake – That tiny weenie brain of yours had to work overtime
    to come up with that one … just saying.

  7. Oh, look. Fat jokes. How creative.

    Welcome to McHenry County Blog – the racist fanclub of skinny white men.

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