Christopher Spoerl and Robert Nowak Link Campaigns for County Board in District 1

Whether asked for advice or not, I always advise Republican McHenry County Board candidates to run together.

Even if they hardly ever vote the same on the County Board.

I don’t think any District’s GOP candidates are putting out join mailings but those in District 1.

If those not coordinating their campaigns lose, as Nick Provenzano did once when he did not coordinate until the night before the election on yard signs, I’ll not be surprised.

Below is the mailing that veteran Board member Robert Nowak and recently-appointed Christopher Spoerl just mailed:

On the address side of their mailing Christopher Spoerl and Robert Nowak has biographical information.

As far as I know, this is the first introduction of Spoerl to that part of District 1 which is not in the Cary Grade School District.

The back of the joint post card talks about lowering taxes, cutting the size of the County Board, Term Limits for County Board members and a general comment about “working to improve county infrastructure.”


Christopher Spoerl and Robert Nowak Link Campaigns for County Board in District 1 — 2 Comments

  1. Nowak sucked as director of planning in Cary because he was clueless.

    As a board member, again he is clueless.

    Thumbs DOWN!

  2. I’m going to thank them both on Tuesday for raising the fees for rabies tags.

    2 years ago I paid $30 for one of my dogs.

    This year I paid $120.

    4 times more only two years later??

    Yeah, lower taxes?? They find other ways to squeeze it out of us.

    There’s a lot of pet owners in town that I’m sure will also say thanks so they can get back to their own businesses full time.

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