Craig Wilcox Sends Sixth Mailing

Actually all of them have been paid for by the Illinois Republican Party, because that gets the cheapest postage rate.

This oversized postcard, which arrived Saturday, is aimed at seniors, saying, “Retirees will feel the paid with Mary Mahady.”

It points out that Mahady’s campaign has been financed by campaign money from “Chicago Political Bosses who want to…

  • Cut your Retirement Income
  • Increase your Property Taxes
  • Cut your Retirement Benefits”

The address side of Craig Wilcox’ latest post card.

The back of the mailing says that Wilcox will

  • fight efforts to raise property taxes
  • vote against costly utility rate hikes
  • fight against age discrimination, protect us from landlord abuse, and assist those living in retirement communities

The back of Craig Wilcox piece aimed at retirees.

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