Trisha Zubert Sends Postcard

It appears that Democratic Party candidate for State Representative Trisha Zubert has knocked on enough doors to figure out the topic most discussed is high property taxes.

All three of her issues on the address side of her mailing relate to freezing or cutting property taxes.

The third one:

Reduce the burden on property taxpayers by requiring the state to properly fund our local schools

comes with a unstated kicker, however.

There is no way to “reduce the property tax burden by requiring the state to property fund out local schools” without increasing state taxes.

To make a meaningful impact I would add the words “a lot.”

And, here’s the other problem for collar county legislators.

As the recently passed State Aid to Education formula shows, when the General Assembly passes out educational funding, our area loses.

The probable result is that areas like us would end up with high property taxes and higher income taxes.

Here is the address side of Trisha Zubert;’s post card.

The other side of her post cards goes negative on her opponent, Lake County Board member Tom Weber:

The back of Trisha Zubert’s mailing gores after Lake County Board member Tom Weber.

  • Weber hiked out property taxes three times, slamming taxpayers with more than $6 million in property tax hikes.
  • The Springfield politicians behind Weber’s campaign are keeping our property taxes high, repeatedly refusing to freeze property taxes.

Left unsaid is that the Democrats control both the House and the Senate in Springfield and, if Democrats wanted to pass a property tax freeze, they could have done so without any Republican votes.

In other Zubert news, her campaign financed almost entirely by public employee unions, scored another $1,000 on October 14th from the State employees’ union AFSCME Illinois Council NO 31.

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See also

10-18-18 73% of Funding for Trisha Zubert’s State Rep. Campaign from Public Employee Unions

The $1,000 from AFSCME is not included in the article above.


Trisha Zubert Sends Postcard — 10 Comments

  1. Tom Weber forgot where he came from.

    He will win but it won’t be by the margin that most tax fighters would win by.

  2. Dear family values, God fearing, gun clinging, compassionate conservative brothers and sisters. It’s never been easier to vote than this time. Thank you sunshine blogger. I read the list of candidates you endorsed and voted against all of them. Aware of your reputation and relevance it was the honorable thing to do. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, vote, vote, tic, tock…

  3. How come you never point out all the ridiculous exaggerations, distortions, and lies in any of the GOP mail?

  4. She is right about one thing.

    Property taxes in Illinois are higher than any state other than New Jersey because the state legislature doesn’t adequately fund education so the school boards raise property taxes which is their only other revenue option.

    Of course, the schools could be more frugal but no one is watching them.

    Instead, people are focusing on county government whose name is on the bill but which is mainly only the collection agency for the taxes levied by other units of government.

    Unfortunately, she will be forced to vote for Madigan if elected and will be able to change nothing.

    Weber will not be able to change anything either as he will not be in the majority party.

    There is only one party in Springfield and that is the Mike Madigan Party.

  5. Wow that picture of her is so old I didn’t even recognize her as the woman we saw at the Forum!

    That alone strikes me as someone out of touch with reality and not very transparent.

    The woman was clueless.

    I know Tom from the Lake county board and he was part of a govt watchdog group.

    He’s a small business owner / employer.

    He didn’t take any Union money like his opponent did.

  6. Trisha does not have a clue about the root cause of high property taxes. Namely, bloated educational staffs, too many school districts, benefits/pensions/compensation way too high and unions. Also, why does she not proudly proclaim in large font on her flyer that she is from the Democratic Party?

  7. The “root cause” of high property taxes in IL as compared to the other 48 states with lower property taxes is complicated and would require a comparative study of different states and their respective tax mixes plus degree of urbanization to determine infrastructure costs against population figures.

    It would also need to look at public sector and teacher salaries and benefits comparatively.

    I do know that the other midwestern states which have higher overall taxes still have less property taxes.

    Are their public sector and teacher salaries lower compared to cost of living in those states?

    Do they have higher rates of taxation for other things such as income taxes,sales taxes etc?

  8. Go ahead and look at data about the amount and makeup of school districts, administrative staff, salaries an benefits of teachers and administrative staff in the other States of the U.S. Is there anything to learn? Is there a State or States that are more or significantly more efficient in controlling costs of schools and education? How do they do it? What about effectiveness and efficiency? The best outcomes of students at the lowest possible cost. Which are the top States? Do the top performing States, or some Counties within achieve top results with or without unionization?

  9. She is well known for eating cicadas.

    I’m not kidding.

    She does cook them.

    I don’t really care about that.

    But she want gay agenda propaganda taught in elementary schools!

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