The Twenty and Eighteen Mintute Waits at Cryrstal Lake’s McDonald’s

This article from Crain’s Chicago Business reminds me of unsatisfactory drive-thru service at the main McDonald’s in Crystal Lake:

That Big Mac and Coke now comes with a side order of inflation

From paint to air tickets to handbags, the prices of consumer items are going up as industries pass along higher costs, reports the Wall Street Journal.READ MORE >

After waiting twenty minutes to get our food one day, we were still three cars from the payment window.

Having an appointment, I just drove away.

The second time, we paid, got to the pick-up window and were told to park to wait for our order, which I did.

After a total of eighteen minutes trying to buy “fast food,” I walked into the restaurant and asked for the manager.

A harried women took my complaint and told me our order price would be refunded.

I asked her what the problem was and she told me that she couldn’t hire enough people at $9.25 an hour.

Inquiring why McDonald’s didn’t pay more, she said that would mean prices would have to increase, which would lead to fewer customers.

I guess that’s the result of having the lowest unemployment in fifty years.


The Twenty and Eighteen Mintute Waits at Cryrstal Lake’s McDonald’s — 4 Comments

  1. Or the result of the businesses and their customers unwilling to pay more.

    McDonald’s is doing just fine.

  2. Maybe, in retrospect, the $150m over 5 years they put towards employee relations out of the 20b+ annually just wasn’t enough?

    They managed to give shareholders twice as much.

  3. Don’s steak house has good coffee & iced coffee. Beyond that…….

    Plenty of other fast food options, so why have your time abused by a fast food joint that ain’t. Fast.

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