Trisha Zubert Continues Negative Hits on Tom Weber

It’s four days before the election and Democratic Party candidate for State Representative Trisha Zubert has put out another negative mailing about her Republican opponent Tom Weber.

Weber serves on the Lake County Board and, trying to figure out what Zubert means by saying Weber voted for “reckless tax hikes…three times,” I believe she is referring to his having voted for three Lake County budgets, where Weber serves on the County Board.

Since he has been a County Board member going on eight years, I think that means he voted against tax levies four to five times.

Here is Zubert’s mailing:

The address side of Trisha Zubert’s most recent mailing.

The back of Trisha Weber’s most recent mailing.

I don’t believe Weber has sent any negative pieces.


Trisha Zubert Continues Negative Hits on Tom Weber — 5 Comments

  1. This lady should learn from republikkklans how to campaign from a morally higher ground. Stay tuned…3 days…tic, tock, vote, vote, tic, tock…

  2. “Sarah, will there be all the free food that one can possibly eat?” (Asking for a friend) Cal.

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