Wilcox & Mahady Mailings

Below are the most recent mailings from State Senator Craig Wilcox and State Senate candidate Mary Mahady:

The address side of Craig Wilcox’ Wednesday mailing has a comparison of positions of him and his opponent Mary Mahady.

The back has a comparison of a double-decker cheeseburger and a single patty hamburger.

Here’s the latest mailing from Mary Mahady:

The address side of Mary Mahady’s mailing urges people to vote.

The back of Mary Mahady’s postcard touts her endorsements.


Wilcox & Mahady Mailings — 16 Comments

  1. The best choice? Our technicolor, double cheeseburger colonel, of course. Stay tuned…4 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. To the Editor:
    Thank you to Colonel Craig Wilcox and writer Mike Ruffner, gunnery sergeant, USMC, for your service to our country from another veteran.

    I find it difficult to vote for you, Colonel Wilcox. In all of your mailers, you state that you will fight efforts to raise property taxes on seniors, and thank you for that as I am a senior. If you had any idea what you are talking about you would know that seniors already have a freeze on property taxes if you apply for it. How about everyone else that is not a senior? How can you honestly work for property tax reform when you do not have a vested interest in it because we pay your property tax on your half million dollar home an property.
    You have it better than hitting the lottery. You pay no property tax and we pay you a six figure federal retirement salary. You receive a retirement salary and not a pension because you remain a commissioned officer on inactive status subject to recall. If you live to the normal life expectancy of 87, we will have paid you in excess of $3.5 million in retirement, not including you state senate salary. Do you really think you need that state legislative pension?
    Nancy Vazzano (10-16-2018) ask questions about your disability and if you are physically able to serve downstate. In your next mailer, how about explaining your disability? It would be interesting to hear how a colonel in the Air Force in an administrative position obtained a medical disability. Sir, if you have been discharged and not subject to recall then you should really drop the colonel title.
    O. Lynn Fifer (PFC not Private First Class)

  3. To the Editor:

    I have concerns about how Craig Wilcox can relate to his constituents’ property tax issues when he is exempt from paying property tax on his $400,000-plus residence. In Illinois, as a 70 percent disabled veteran, his property tax on his home is waived.

    I did ask this question on his FB campaign page but it was promptly removed and I am now blocked from commenting on his page. These actions, as well as no response to my inquiry, make me question his transparency as well as his commitment to his constituents.

    If he won’t answer questions now, how can we be certain that he will be responsive to our needs if he is elected?
    This is not the person I want representing me in Springfield. Vote for Mary Mahady, a public servant who has her finger on the pulse of the issues that concern District 32 citizens.

    Kris Paprocki

  4. Mahady has attacked Wilcox for taking a legal deduction, a deduction passed by the Illinois legislature and voted for by a vast majority of Democratic legislators.

    I want Mahady to be clear: she should either say she is against this deduction for our veterans and, if elected, she will introduce legislation to abolish it, or she should admit she is hypocritical for attacking her opponent for utilizing this deduction.

    She can’t have it both ways without, of course, being a hypocrite.

  5. The reality is that no one who is elected whose name is not Mike Madigan will be able to do anything.

    Its a thankless job which requires you to drive 4 hours to Springpatch every week and sit around and do nothing.

    It’s no mystery why Franks and Althoff gave it up to go to Woodstock.

  6. a hamburger vs a double deluxe…

    It’s over, folks. Mahady is DONE!!!

    Senator Craig Wilcox, tell the new governor, Pritzker, to go ahead with legalizing weed but scrap that very dumb “progressive” income tax!

  7. That deduction should be based on financial need.

    Wilcox should be the one to introduce that change.

  8. If a person has a hip replacement but walks perfectly fine is that person considered disabled?

  9. Nob:

    Senior citizens do NOT have a freeze on property taxes. Senior citizens who make less than $55,000 per year can have their assessed value frozen, but this doesn’t freeze their property taxes, especially since the local governments can all increase their levies by the rate of inflation.

    As for disability, I have mixed feelings, but I generally come down on Col. Wilcox’s side.

    Do I think people who are capable of working should get disability? In general, no, unless their current income is a fraction of their pre-disability income. I know people in wheel chairs who have had their disability cut as soon as they found a job.

    On the other hand, if someone is injured in the line of duty and their life or livelihood impaired, I’m hard pressed to say they don’t deserve some compensation.

    Further, as someone currently living through his third back surgery, I know that not all “disabilities” are obvious. (I receive no disability income.) I have a good friend who suffered serious neurological damage in a car accident. To look at her, you’d think she was fine. If you spoke with her for an hour, you’d think she was fine. But if you spoke with her for three or four hours, you’d notice she was repeating herself and forgetting things. I have another friend with serious back issues. He looks like he’s in great shape. But he can’t pick up his baby daughter, and he can’t sit at a desk for more than an hour or two before he’s in serious pain. But he still works. Does he deserve disability pay?

    Next, I find it hard to criticize some who utilizes benefits to which he or she is legally entitled. One might argue the benefits are too generous, but that’s a different issue and the solution is to change the rules. But as long as the recipient obeys the current rules, I can’t complain. For example, one guy works for a living and makes $100,000 and pays regular income tax. A second guy makes $100,000 in capital gains and pays 15%. A third guy gets $100,000 in interest on municipal bonds and pays zero income tax. Should we change the law? I think we should. But I’m not going to claim the guy who invests in municipal bonds is somehow immoral.

    Finally, there’s the issue of privacy. Should someone running for office have to disclose very personal details of their medical history? Only if they receive disability? Should we require all candidates to disclose their entire medical history? How about if they’ve ever received counseling for mental issues? I think we have to draw the line somewhere, and I come down on the side of privacy. Unless there is serious evidence that Col. Wilcox somehow cheated, that the military erred in giving him disability, then I think all of this discussion is innuendo of a low sort, and I have yet to see a single fact in support of the complaints.

  10. If he can play Golf at fund raisers we shouldn’t be paying his property taxes.

  11. Nob:

    Then change the law, but don’t complain about someone utilizing the benefits to which they are entitled under the law.

  12. Steve Wilson, very thoughtful, intelligent analysis completely lost on the sanctimonious nob who is the creator of low innuendo.

  13. Steve you talk about saving taxes but seem to be disingenuous about Wilcox piling on by taking benefits that he really doesn’t deserve!
    I’m trying to get the law changed, I already suggested Wilcox once elected, which will most likely happen, then lead on changing that deduction so it only benefits the poor vets, not the vets that make 6 figures.

  14. Comprehension is evidentially not in your skill set, nob.

    What benefits is Wilcox getting that he doesn’t deserve?

    It would be interesting to see what tangible effort you have put into getting the law changed.

    Let us know and maybe you’ll find some supporters.

    Suggesting that Wilcox would be the one to lead on that change is hardly “trying to get the law changed.”

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