Casten Leads Roskam by Three Points, Underwood Lessens Hultgren Lead to Three Points — 5 Comments

  1. Where is our voting population going when a fraud Dem is leading. Dumb and dumber. Not a good sign for the future of our nation when a goofball Dem has this amount of support. Low information voters, stupid people, disgruntled Dem voters, freeloaders, all of these expecting more handouts from the government, namely we people who actually pay taxes. How sad to see the deterioration of intelligence and integrity of voters no doubt in large part to the bias of left wing media on tv, radio and the print media.

  2. And that is everything wrong with the GOP- cavalcade of insults instead of plans (and especially) action.

    Both the Republicans had years to accomplish anything but didn’t.

    Both of them signed on to the GOP “oppose the ACA at any cost” fight and died by it.

    If you have to film campaign commercials saying you supported the things you fought against, you’re doomed.

  3. Bred, you’re right!

    Fake Nurse frauded her way in.

    Hultgren refused to have Trump come in for him rumor is floating around Scot Forge.

    Is it true?

    Nit wit Ryan didn’t help one bit.

  4. Guess we won’t know what the tax reform bill did until we do this year’s tax return.

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