McHenry High School District Gets Permission to Borrow $44 Million — 4 Comments

  1. Stupid stupid people!

    I blame Ricky ‘the Jag’ Jett.

    House goes up for sale this Spring.

  2. Fools that voted for this apparently love when the school district blindly spends their cash.

    They fell for the “Lower Taxes…” half-truth.

    Just as they are getting out of a school tax hike, they take on another one.

    It’s insane that this silly school district even has two buildings way on the opposite sides of town that need to bus students back and forth.

    Where I’m from, I’ve never seen so many tiny and ill-equipped schools that have wasted resources between D15 and D156.

    Inner-city Chicago mentality infecting the suburbs.

  3. was this election rigged? Of dozens of people I asked, no one voted for it.

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