Woodstock Arrest in $55,000 Embezzlement

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department:

Arrest – Theft (Over $500)

On Friday, June 8th, 2018, at approximately 9:37 A.M., it was reported to the Woodstock Police Department that an employee of Guy’s E. Paper, located at 1150 McConnell Road, Woodstock, was suspected of embezzling a large sum of money from the company over the course of several years.

Russell Cisco

The employee worked as an accountant for the business.

Company executives became aware of the theft after an audit had been conducted.

The Woodstock Police Department’s Investigations Division assumed responsibility of the investigation.

After several months of effort by the investigator assigned to the case, it was learned that the employee had embezzled over $55,000 from the company in just over five years.

Upon conferring with the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office, a charge of Theft Over $500 (exceeding $10,000, but not exceeding $100,000) was approved against the suspect.

The suspect was identified as Russell D. Cisco.

Cisco turned himself in without incident at the Woodstock Police Department on 11-06-2018.

Cisco was able to post the required bond and was released from custody to await his court date.


Woodstock Arrest in $55,000 Embezzlement — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, What about Bob Miller and his crime clan? There’s far more $$$ unaccounted for in Algonquin Township!

  2. Exactly, Sniper.
    Personal use of gov credit card and credit card points
    Practices that others actually get arrested and charged for doing.
    52 pages of excuses does not cut it for the taxpaying (& voting) VICTIMS.
    Hello? Mr. Kenneally? MCSO? Anyone in the SAO?
    Can someone please take the lead?
    Yes, Mr. Kenneally, there are thousands of victims. Remember us? Taxpayer’s money?

  3. Kenneally must GO!

    Millers must go to JAIL!

    NWH Fakenews will go to HELL!

  4. The son in law goes on the news asking to give him our credit card again, please fool, we will not forget what your family has cost us, your entire family are crooks

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