Skillicorn Calls for Audit for McHenry County Elections

A public official with no personal stake in the outcome has called for an audit of the vote counting by McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn, who was unopposed  in Tuesday’s election, issued the following press release:


Allen Skillicorn

East Dundee, IL – Representative Skillicorn is calling on the Illinois State Board of Elections to audit all of the mid-term races in McHenry County in light of the outcome changing for two of those races–the 14th Congressional and McHenry County Board District 5–as reported by the Northwest Herald.

Skillicorn stated,

“The outcome of all races in McHenry County should be immediately audited as an extra measure to assure the voters that there is no doubt regarding the integrity of this election.”


Skillicorn Calls for Audit for McHenry County Elections — 27 Comments

  1. Let me get this straight.

    The Republican County Clerk biased the elections in favor of the Democrats.

    That seems a bit of a reach.

  2. Only now at the very end of her term do we see the depths of depravity which has inculcated itself into McHenry County politics all these many years.

  3. Obviously the state of Illinois can do very little correctly, so for this issue, I say again:

    Oregon has the best solution to these voting dilemmas.

    Elections in Oregon are all held using a Vote by Mail (VBM) system. This means that all registered voters receive their ballots via postal delivery and can vote from their homes. A state Voters’ Pamphlet is mailed to every household in Oregon about three weeks before each statewide election. It includes information about each measure and candidate in the upcoming election.


    Ballots packs are mailed to every registered voter 14 to 18 days before the election. When the ballot pack comes in the mail, it includes:

    An official ballot
    A secrecy envelope

    A ballot return envelope
    After filling out the ballot the voter then places the ballot in the secrecy envelope, then inside the return envelope and must then sign it in a space provided on the outside return envelope. This is then either mailed back through the US mail with first class postage, or dropped off at any County Elections Office or a designated dropsite. Ballots must be received in a County Elections Office or a designated dropsite by 8pm on Election Day (postmarks do not count). If the ballot arrives at the County Elections Office after 8pm on Election Day, it is not counted.

    Once received, an Elections Official at the elections office where the ballot is received will compare the signature on the ballot return envelope to the signature on the voter registration card to verify that the voter is registered to vote. Once verified, the secrecy envelope containing the actual ballot is removed and polled with the other ballots. Once the “polls” close at 8pm on Election Day, the ballots are removed from their secrecy envelopes and counted.

  4. Cal, this debacle made it on Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax.

    I guess some would say you’re BIG LEAGUE!

  5. Thank You Allen Skillicorn, your attention is greatly appreciated.

  6. Seems obvious, doesn’t it? How hard can it be to recount the whole shebang?

  7. Well Done, Mr. Skillicorn. I completely agree with you

    Paul Revere, I have been reading and thinking about the total Vote By Mail system too.

    Worth looking into.

  8. I think it’s really ridiculous in this day and age that we can’t even get our voting system right.

    With places not having paper ballots when they’re supposed to, having voting machines not calibrated correctly, and now not even properly counting the votes right…?

    This is madness.

    Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, we should all be pissed about this and demand a change in the system.

    Paul Revere, I agree with you.

    Oregon has the right idea.

    We should implement that here in Illinois.

  9. Just got off of work and heard the news.

    MM will not allow herself to be held accountable.

    She will fires her entire staff before admitting she messed up.

    Accept for her husband from what I know from a couple of our friends whom work there has not seen hide nor hair from him in over one year…

  10. A mail in vote would make it a whole lot easier for Crook County types to buy votes from people.

    Taking a wino into a bar and having him fill out and sign the ballot right in front of of you is a whole lot easier and surer than dragging him to the polling place and hoping he votes the way he agreed to when you bought him those drinks or slipped him a $20.

  11. Happily Mary McBumble will not be the clerk much longer.

    Actually, she has already given up the office as she has been practicing law in Winnebago County.

    We saw you Mary, hustling for private clients while you are still on the county’s dime.

  12. Oregon has a bad idea and procedure on voting. Too many more and unnecessary opportunities for fraud with mail-in voting.

    Not surprising of their voting process in that Oregon is the bastion of far left wing lunatic political thinking. A U.S. Democrat Congress person wears a large lapel pin of a bicycle on his suit coat. In recent weeks, the police department of a large city in that State allowed a left wing liberal terrorist group take over the streets and they were harassing and threatening motorists.

    We are again in an era of far left wing liberal extremists promoting violence and anarchy. Just like the late 60’s and early 70’s when groups like the Weathermen were terrorizing cities and bombing buildings. That particular group was led by a man-woman couple named Bill and Bernadine who were on the fbi Most Wanted List. They later emerged in Chicago and were friends of the community agitator named barak.

    Control of the voting process should be at polling stations with qualified and trained judges in charge AND every vote cast documented with a paper ballot.

  13. @Heinrich

    Any idea who her poor client is?

    He/she might be interested to know that she doesn’t bother to carry malpractice insurance.

    No need for her to carry it to be clerk – though it would be nice since she’s bound to screw up big time before she leaves (if she hasn’t already).

    However her next victim (of her incompetence) might want some redress after she messes up.

    I swear that if she was any dumber, she’d have to be hooked up to a life support system!

  14. Nice going, McClellan you idiot.

    We haven’t had an election without issues ever since you’ve been in there.

    Good riddance.

    You aren’t even qualified to count change at the dollar store.

  15. In 2019, McHenry County has only a Consolidated Primary on February 26 and a Consolidated Election on April 2.

    We’ll see how well Mr. Tirio fares.

    Nothing like a light year for him to get his feet wet.

  16. I believe a February primary will occur only if a very large number of candidates file for city posts.

  17. Would suggesting that this is a deliberate act of vengeance by the clerk be too far out there?

    It’s difficult to conceive anyone holding a job for that long to be this much of an imbecile.

    Who ties her shoes.

  18. Mike Rein was the only ray of hope left on that Board. Acosta seems to have gained more from the missing ballot count than others. Suspicious.

  19. Investigate Everything she has ever done!

    She is a criminal!

  20. This is absolutely unacceptable especially due to the history of this office!

    As of last night the “revised” information did not have the correct information under the mchenry county clerk’s page, election results button to, TURNOUT tab (Alden 1 has voters but none were registered and 0% turned out).

    Where is the actual voting patterns for this election?

    If that information was available – online, the citizens, press, clerk’s office?, candidates staff, might have seen the error immediately.

    Is the error due to the office or as I see this valued and sensitive information is compiled by which redirects me to (which appears to not even be a US based company- why is it our election information is being touched by a NON US company..), is this their error or was it something more?

    FYI folks I am not seeing ANY turnout breakout numbers (like mail, early, polling) since the 2016 general anywhere in these PDF’s.

    Where is this information?

  21. There appears to be a clear anomaly in the ACOSTA vote gain after the addition of the early and mail in votes when compared to other candidates in both his own District 5 and Districts 1 and 2, which are the only other districts in which the vote totals were reported by the NWH when they reached 100% counted.

    Here are the number of the GAIN in votes for each candidate.

    The District 5 totals were taken off of this website when 97% were reported as in, which is sufficiently close to 100% that it should be representative.

    DISTRICT 1: VIJUK 1831 gain, NOWAK, 1916 gain; SPOERL, 1486 gain.

    DISTRICT 2: NESS, 3317 gain; SCHOFIELD, 3115 gain; HOWELL 2120 gain

    DISTRICT 5: ACOSTA, 4045 gain; WEDIG, 2843 gain; JUNG, 2835 gain, REIN, 2725 gain.

    So, for some reason, ACOSTA outperformed all other candidates by a considerable margin, in both the Republican and Democratic parties when mail in and early votes were added.

    What does this mean?

  22. To be fair I think we should ask questions of those in the know:

    Is this the fault of Clerk Mary McClellan?

    Or is it the fault of the very expensive no-bid contract in which she bought these machines/service from?

    I’ve heard she doesn’t even have a chain of custody protocol!!! Is this Incompetence, negligence or Fraud?

    There was certainly lack of security with the voting machines over the years.

    Was that Incompetence, negligence or Fraud?


    The Election judges and polling venues were not given clear expectations of what was expected.

    OR was there just never any set of expectations? .

    The Election Judges I’ve come in contact with the past 3 yrs.

    Ive been here, don’t know what they’re doing and even comment that they weren’t trained!

    Is this just sad or should this make us very angry or both?

    Is this something that could send her to prison?

    Or just shrugged off?

    To be fair, this is this going on all over the country for this particular election cycle?


    Fraud or ?

    Did many other counties buy from this same voting machine company?

    I guess only investigations and immediate inspections will reveal any truth.

    What a mess.

    I never liked the idea of voting online.

    What would keep that from being intercepted by hackers/fraud/Dead people’s relatives voting etc?

    I know nothing about technology.

    Maybe that’s why I favor paper ballots but batches of those can be fraudulently filled out too. (Ballot stuffing)

    What’s the answer?

    I don’t know.

    I would like to see organizations interview her and report to the people like they are doing in Broward Co.

  23. The Clerk is NOT a Republican, she was Democrat when she ‘worked’ for the Cook County state’s atty’s office that’s where she got into trouble for falsifying things.

    Do you see “republican” anywhere on her OWN CANDIDACY WEBSITE????!!!

  24. Darling Mary:

    As part of a lawsuit charging the City of Chicago and
    others with malicious prosecution and other torts, the plaintiffs
    sought by subpoena to discover documents lodged in
    the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

    The lawyers representing
    the Office, who included Mary McClellan, the appellant,
    told the plaintiffs’ lawyers that the files they were
    looking for no longer existed.

    A year later, however, when
    Judge Grady, the presiding judge, ordered the Office to allow
    the plaintiffs’ lawyers to inspect 181 boxes of documents
    stored in a warehouse, the lawyers quickly found the documents
    they’d asked for—and moved the district court to
    sanction McClellan and her colleagues for obstructing the
    plaintiffs’ discovery by insisting that the documents the
    plaintiffs needed no longer existed.

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