Poets Apparently Uninspired

No one was inspired to write a poem this past week.

There is certainly enough material, especially the way that Jack Franks assumed the role of spokesman for McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan in the Chicago Tribune.

Here’s the press release that Franks and McClellan posted at 1:30 Thursday afternoon, about eleven and half hours after this article appeared on McHenry County Blog:

Statement from County Board Chairman and County Clerk on Election Results

Post Date:11/08/2018 1:30 PM

State Rep. Jack Franks and McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan. at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade in 2015.

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – The following is a joint statement from McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks and County Clerk Mary McClellan regarding the results of the Nov. 6 midterm election:

On Wednesday evening, County Clerk Mary McClellan noticed an anomaly in the county’s posted voting results in which a number of countywide races had a significant undervote.

McClellan and County Board Chairman Jack Franks were in consultation through Wednesday night into Thursday morning to determine the problem.

McClellan discovered early Thursday afternoon that the county election website had not updated with early voting numbers.

The situation has since been rectified.

The outcome of two races as of right now have changed. Lauren Underwood, the Democratic candidate for the 14th Congressional District who defeated Republican incumbent Randy Hultgren, carried McHenry County.

Also, as of now, Democratic McHenry County Board District 5 candidate Carlos Acosta has pulled ahead of Republican incumbent Michael Rein.

McClellan advises that vote results are still unofficial, and that there are 2,000 ballots still outstanding with two weeks until the deadline for her office to accept vote-by-mail ballots.

Questions should be referred to McClellan’s office at 815-334-4242.


Poets Apparently Uninspired — 11 Comments

  1. McClellan’s entire tenure at that job has been one ‘anomaly’ after another.

    We can all be grateful that she never became a judge.

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see Jacko get her another government gig somewhere.

    She would have a very tough time making it in the private sector where you can be fired for screwing up.

  2. It is god to see that they found a problem and worked together to correct it. That’s the way things should be done!

  3. Initially the Clerk stated vocally that the missing votes were all under votes.

    When I see comments such as the one by ‘dentbla’ I know exactly why we have the government we do.

  4. Tirio will be no better he is beholden to the party.

    I will take a wager there won’t be another election in McHenry County that his party won’t be given favoritism.

    At least McClellan did not play politics in the office.

    She followed the law to the letter and she delivered a new voting system to McHenry County when she could of left it with a uncertain future for the next clerk.

    Thank you Mary for your service and shame on these people on this blog for the ridiculous ridicule.

  5. Wednesday October 31, 2018 – Northwest Herald report about early voting in McHenry County:

    “More than 24,117 people voted as of Wednesday, with five days still remaining for early voting, McClellan said.”


    Tuesday November 6th – Election.

    Wednesday November 7th AM – Cal Skinner on McHenry County Blog posted there is an approximate 23,000 vote discrepancy between overall ballots cast and individual candidate results.


    Thursday November 8th PM – McHenry County government press release issued:

    “On Wednesday evening, County Clerk Mary McClellan noticed an anomaly in the county’s posted voting results in which a number of countywide races had a significant undervote.”

    McClellan discovered early Thursday afternoon that the county election website had not updated with early voting numbers.”


  6. Northwest Herald

    Outcome of District 5 County Board Race Changes After Clerk Discovers Website Didn’t Include Early Voting Numbers

    by Ed Komenda

    November 8, 2018

    “In an phone interview Thursday morning, McClellan at first said the gap isn’t that unusual.

    McClellan pegged the missing votes to ‘bullet voting’ or ‘undervoting’ – the practice of voting in one race on the ballot despite the ability to vote in more.

    ‘People just didn’t want to vote for governor,’ she said.

    ‘People do it it all the time.'”


  7. @Iwouldnothirewifeeither

    Such an insane comment! You MUST be Mary the Moron’s hubby. BTW, weren’t you hired as her expert for elections or was just a ploy to give you somewhere to practice harassment?

    Either way, there is no way anyone can apologize for McClellan’s incompetence and no one could prove themselves to be more incompetent (and I’m being charitable in calling her incompetent) than she.

    I don’t know that she didn’t play politics in the office as you allege, but it’s safe to say she was so busy screwing things up that she had little time for politics other than trying to finagle her way into a judgeship.

    Fortunately that didn’t pan out any better than the clerk’s job.

  8. On Thursday morning she told the paper that the numbers being off was due to bullet voting, but the paper is now reporting that on Wednesday night she was called by Jack Franks who told her something was off and she acknowledged that night that there was an anomaly. So, at best, she lied to the press and to the voters about the nature of the problem.

    She also said the early voting numbers had been included as of Tuesday night, but later in the article it says numbers were not inserted and timestamped until 12:32 p.m. on Thursday. And why was this? According to Jack it was due to “computer programming.” What kind of computer programming would count a ballot for a total but not record the actual votes? And did her staff even bother to do a test run of this to see how it would work before the election?

    Also, the numbers were initially 24,000 off and they say it was fixed after early voting was counted (even though it sort of was counted, but apparently the candidates weren’t counted?), but the early voting numbers were over 33,000. Why don’t those numbers match? So if 24,000 of the 33,000 early votes were not counted, how come the other ones were? The explanation does not work.

    There are major concerns that still need to be addressed. I don’t see any politicians or the media doing their job.


  9. Re: “McClellan discovered early Thursday afternoon that the county election website had not updated with early voting numbers.”

    Another flat out lie by the “bully”.

    The Clerk had a running ‘ticker’ displayed on the County website. I have pictures of what they showed on election day and the day after.

    Early vote Clerk ‘ticker’ on 11/06/18 33,044

    Absentee vote Clerk ‘ticker’ 11/06/18 7,131

    Turnout Election Day on ‘ticker’ 11/07/18 74,827

    Here are the numbers when the two files displayed on Clarity’s website are compared.

    One file copy from Nov, 7 and one from Nov. 8.

    Increase in votes for Congress 23,855
    Increase in votes for Governor 23,849
    Increase in votes for Attorney General 23,835
    Increase in votes for Sec of State 23,862
    Increase in votes for Comptroller 23,815
    Increase in votes for Treasurer 23,712
    Increase in votes for State Senators 23,734
    Increase in votes for State Legislators 21,412
    Increase in votes for County Auditor 20,506
    Increase in votes for County Clerk 23,559
    Increase in votes for Sheriff 20,669
    Increase in votes for County Treasurer 20,644
    Increase in votes for Board Term Limits 23,850
    Increase in votes for Chair Term Limits 23,449
    Increase in votes for Regional Super. 20,709

    Have the ‘bully’ look at the numbers and explain to me how over 33,000 votes can suddenly become less than 24,000!

    In addition why did the number of ballots cast change?

    If we add the ‘ticker’ numbers together 115,002

    Ballots cast reported on 11/07/18 116,703

    Ballots cast reported on 11/08/18 117,515

    I also have another question.

    The Clerk supplied the State with voter registration data in June.

    That file indicated we had 224,006 active voters in the County.

    On election day the Clerk is reporting 238,290.

    Where did the additional 14,204 active voters come from?

    Can someone explain to me what checks and balance are in place for ‘machine’ voting?

    This is where you carry a blank piece of paper to the ‘machine’ you make your selections and print what you chose.

    You carry that piece paper over to the tabulation ‘machine’ and insert it.

    What is to stop ‘stuffing’ the ballot box?

    That blank piece of paper with your choices printed does not have the Judge’s initials on it like normal ballots do.

    Where any poll watchers present when the ballots were counted?

  10. A poem for bloody Mary

    Roses are red
    Violets bring luck
    As a county clerk
    Mary, you suck.

  11. Komenda is a little liar, all his clothes, not just his pants caught on fire … in fact his pants only had a partial ignition because he’s always urinating in them.

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